How do I force Nexus to refresh its IP address?Support

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    Nov 15, 2009
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    So I have been having problems with my Android keeping a connection on my home wifi. Tonight I updated the router firmware, assigned static IP addresses to all devices in my house, and rebooted all devices including router.

    Laptops, printer, and A/V equipment all rebooted and properly picked up their newly assigned IPs, but the Nexus, despite several reboots and manual "forgetting" of wifi connections, continues to pick up it's old IP.

    I finally gave in and assigned its old IP as its static address and all seems to be working, but what does it take to force the phone to refresh its address on a network? If it was trying to connect to its "default" address earlier, that would explain my problem as I had another device that had been assigned that address by the router.


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