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    Sound Recorder 2.2.2 is listed in my stock apps on my XPRT. Am I missing something, I can't seem to find it to run the app? From where can I start it?

    I hope this isn't a stupid question.

    Thank you!

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    Answered my own question:

    Regarding Sound Recorder, I have good news. Though I didn't want to install an app just to try and find it, I did find the ability to record memos on the XPRT by following these instructions:

    I open a new text message, make "me" the recipient, hit menu (left bottom button), then "insert", then "new audio". The recorder pops up and doesn't look like a cassette but has the image of a count down timer. It also has a VU meter at the bottom to show sound input, and of course buttons to record, stop, and play. You have the option to use the recording or discard it and you can play it back to check it as well. It has an aparent time limit of 12 minutes. Though I only tried about 4 minutes, it came up with something that said the available time remaining, which was 8 minutes at that point.
    The sound quality is fairly low, just good enough for voice. I wouldn't think that music would be listenable.
    As far as where it is saved, I found the file in the root folder of my SD card! From there you can rename it and move it to another folder. It had a random file name but it's not hard to find. When you rename it, make sure to keep the ".qcp" on the end so that your phone knows what app to use to play it.


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