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  1. smguy101

    smguy101 Well-Known Member

    Well you all know that Verizon slows down data usage on the ones who use too much, but how much is too much?
    I used a little over 3.5 GB this month mainly because 4G turned on in my area on the 21st, now I can't even get a 4G signal and the 3G which was hovering at around a 1.5Mbps down is now at a crawl of 360ish kbps!

    Am I a victim of the slow down?

  2. zeira

    zeira Member

    I've used almost 8GB this month (new month starting tomorrow or the day after) for just phone + about one week of tethering. It has been working great until today, so maybe it's just a network problem and not actually Verizon stepping in...
  3. executor485

    executor485 Well-Known Member

    I've had over 8GB on 4G with no slow down issues. I think it's a problem with Verizon, I've been having intermittent issues the past few days (well, worse than normal)
  4. urdaddi

    urdaddi Well-Known Member

    Your data usage has nothing to do with your cell signal. They can throttle your data, but it would not have any effect of 4G or 3G cell service.
  5. smguy101

    smguy101 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I know that, I was just wondering when Verizon starts ti throttle down people. Luckily I'm grandfathered into my unlimited datat plan.

    Well I checked the speed again at night at it went up to around 1 Mbps down
    I'm thinking that since so many people have Verizon in my area it slows down during the day
    The fact that i live next to a mountain in a reinforced concrete dorm probably has a lot to do with it too.

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