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How to achieve 'right click' functionalitySupport

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  1. angel99

    angel99 New Member


    sorry, if it has been answered earlier, as I could not find the answer.

    Is there a way to achieve 'right click' functionality. Basically, I want to save some pictures from few web pages by using right click->save image as.


  2. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    long press on the image and a menu will pop up, giving you the option to dload the image
  3. Bob_me1

    Bob_me1 New Member

    I'm trying to play a game that requires right-click for a very small portion of it, is there a way to do this because long click doesn't work

  4. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Well-Known Member

    You could search Market for a game emulator, but this isn't the touchscreen's strong point. Maybe some of the gamers know.
  5. It would help if you told us what game you are trying to play. And if it's an app or a game on a website.

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