How to adjust touch screen sensitivity on EVOSupport

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  1. sidespin05

    sidespin05 Member

    Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity for the Touch Screen on the new EVO. It works very well, almost too well, it is very sensitive.

    Any guidence is much appreciated!


  2. phearx

    phearx Well-Known Member

    No but you can calibrate both the accelerometer and the keyboard in the settings.
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  3. amsparky

    amsparky Member

    I think if you go into settings and recalibrate it, you can make it less sensitive, since it reads how you touch the screen. I had to redo mine this morning since it wasn't sensitive enough. So far it's much better!
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  4. sidespin05

    sidespin05 Member

    Thanks guys, i'll give that a try.
  5. EVOworshipper

    EVOworshipper New Member

    WHERE? Where in the settings?
  6. For the keyboard:

    menu -> settings -> language & keyboard -> touch input -> text input -> calibration tool

    For the accelerometer:

    menu -> settings -> display -> g-sensor calibration
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  7. peppers

    peppers Active Member

    this adjusts the keyboard but dose not correct the screen, there is no way to actually calibrate the actual touch screen?

    pretty shitty design on hts's part, also pretty much everything in this dammed phone is counterintuitive. I'll never buy another htc product.

    most of the screen is accurate but the two sides of the screen are not, you have to touch off the boarder of the lcd to get it to resister as touching the sides
  8. RockFox

    RockFox New Member

    I really have fat fingers and I was ready to give up on my HTC EVO V when I found your post. This was a great help. After using the calibration tool three times I think I have what I need.

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