How to edit favorites in home screen? Problem after ICSGeneral

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  1. GeminiTM

    GeminiTM New Member


    I upgraded my SGS2 to ICS and now I seem to have forgotten/something has changed about the bottom screen menu edit / Favorites bar. I somehow managed to drag Contacts icon from the favorites menu and now I cannot get it back. So there are only now 3 icons in the bottom favorites menu.

    How do I add an app down there? If I enter the edit menu, all I can arrange are the home page screens, not the home bottom apps. And if I go into applications and hold 2 secs onto an app icon, I cannot drag anything down to a home page, there is only the trash can to drag to.

    Thanks for any help! :)

  2. GeminiTM

    GeminiTM New Member

    Aah found it myself. I have to go to apps, then edit. Not edit the home screen. Sorry... cannot delete my post for some reason.

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