how to install '.sis' extension file in my Xperia X10?Support

  1. pradeepkallar

    pradeepkallar New Member

    I want to use VIOP application to make international calls. The VOIP service software having only '.sis' installation file. Can I install it in my Andriod Xperia X10 phoe? Is there any solution? please help me.

  2. LordTakyon

    LordTakyon Active Member

    I think .sis are for symbian mate. Don't think you will get very far.

    I may stand to be corrected though.
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  3. paulus3476

    paulus3476 Active Member

    I concur - .sis is for symbian ( nokia and samsung ) there are many voip apps for android, skype and fring to name but 2
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  4. WildBit

    WildBit New Member

    Sipdroid is the best voip application in my opinion. I tried just about all of them and it's better even than the native applications from some providers. Give it a shot :D

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