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  1. How do I remove these from my phone? I'm talking about the ghost files is what they appear to be. My phone kept restarting out of nowhere and would not stop doing it and I took the sd card it and it stopped restarting on its own so I ended up erasing the card on my desk to top computer so the files aren't there anymore but I can't erase the ghost file I guess I'm gonna call it a ghost file. Dragging to trash can doesn't work. I've attached a pic. Don't know if it shows up. Thanks.

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  2. ropo1

    ropo1 Member

    Try uninstalling the associated apps for the files.
  3. Ropo thanks. That's what I needed to do. What you said...
  4. jdCaptivate

    jdCaptivate Well-Known Member

    If you had them installed on your phone and moved them to the SD card, that often happens.

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