How to return to 2.3.4 after Fryo Root without service

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  1. JSarv

    JSarv New Member

    I have an Incredible 1 that had the gingerbread OS, I downgraded to 2.2 and rooted. My S is off and my root is functional, I tried reflashing a new rom but I do believe that because I'm on a 2.2 OS it is glitching during the reflash.

    This phone is purely used for play on wifi and bluetooth to my jeep radio for music. Nothing else. I have the radio shut off on it and no service to Verizon.

    How to I upgrade to a 2.3.4 OS to reflash new roms with my S-Off and No service provider?

    ... Confused....

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    describe the problems your having during the flash,as not being activated,and being no froyo should both NOT prohibit the flashing of any custom rom in recovery,or flashing an RUU in hboot.

    since youre s-off,you should be able to run the GB ruu,or install a custom rom with no prollem :)
  3. JSarv

    JSarv New Member

    Essentially it was getting halfway through installation of a rom and stopping, but I managed to get 2.2 loaded back and use wifi to get rom manager and do it through rom manager. Problem solved.

    I do have one more question, since this phone will ONLY be used for WIFI and BlueTooth, is there anyway to disable any and all radio functions to have extended battery life?

    Running CM7 currently and I'm not sure how to do such thing?
  4. today

    today Well-Known Member

    I got the airplane mode with Wifi on. Works great. There is a mod that is available for the DINC. Just Can't remember where I saw it. It's out there. Google it.

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