how to root g22 bird73_gb (htc amaze chinese clone)

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  1. adamitech

    adamitech New Member

    Hi expirience engineers
    I'm trying to root the pho e and really struggle.
    I have used "one super click' 'root unlocker' 'root z4' but no luck so far.
    Phone's gui looks similar like htc, but in recovery mode the backup option is missing, also cannot root the phone in the way most htc can be rooted (via code string from abd command)
    phone details
    android 4.0.1
    Brand: Birda
    product: bird73_gb
    chang jiang is mostly possible developer
    'syndicate' done some gui additional template
    Please help
    Im really stuck on what can do and which software use toroot this phone

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Welcome adamitech, glad to have you in the community!

    Personally i have no experience rooting that device and have never heard of that device.

    I'm pretty sure we dont have a subforum for it either. Your best bet would be posting about it here: Android Lounge - Android Forums

    And hoping someone has some experience with it :(

    Sorry i couldn't be of any help to your problem, thanks for joining though.
  3. adamitech

    adamitech New Member

    Recently updated v3.1 has resolved the rooting issue.
    It contains a log of exploids for broad range of phones.
    Great rooting tool !

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