How to root my Xperia X10i?

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  1. Orgy

    Orgy New Member


    How do I root my Xperia X10i R4A024? I have searched and got no answers. It's an White Xperia X10i R4A024 Unlocked.

    What are the advantages to rooting?

  2. Orgy

    Orgy New Member

    Does "" work with my model?
  3. Orgy

    Orgy New Member

    How to backup the flash and etc? also can I can free paid apps for free?
  4. X10iUser

    X10iUser Well-Known Member

    See the post at xda.
  5. Orgy

    Orgy New Member

    Last thing, does custom themes use more power?
  6. jelili

    jelili New Member

    how do i get to download the android market 2.1 file .have looked around to no avail

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