How to save a bookmark in a pdf?

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  1. Hey I notice that repligo and beamreader don't save bookmarks in pdf's. I would of thought that anticpating a pdf reader to want to save the page they were last at when they finish reading would have been pretty obvious.

    Anyone recommend an application that can save the last page the reader was reading in a pdf document?

    Or is there some kind of plugin that can provide the service of bookmarking for any pdf reader.

    I am using Android 3.1 on the Iconia Tab A501.

  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    RepliGo can't bookmark but it saves the last page which I read :)

    Other readers like ezPDF Reader or Mantano Reader do this too and can bookmark.
    But note, only bookmark for themselves, you can't see that bookmarks e.g. at Adobe Reader on PC.

  3. Thanks Harry. Much appreciated.

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