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  1. usedtobeanyer

    usedtobeanyer Well-Known Member

    I have upgraded from my Eris to the Incredible 2. I see a fair number of used Eris for sale on Ebay and wondering how I would go about selling mine? What do I need to do to the phone? Do I have to inform Verizon for any reason so the buyer can activate it? Thanks.

  2. PMTerp

    PMTerp Well-Known Member

    Ebay or Craigslist are probably the 2 most common ways to unload them. However, if you have a large friend list on Facebook, you may want to post it there too.
    As long as you have not made an insurance claim or reported the phone lost/stolen at any point, you do not need to contact Verzon. Make sure that you do a master reset on the device and either erase or remove your memory card. Good luck
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