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How to Sync Outlook Notes into Droid?Support

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  1. bfoster18

    bfoster18 New Member

    Use Touchdown for Exchange. You'll need a license for $19.99 - one time fee.

  2. goliath777

    goliath777 New Member

    now its Feb 2011 and all i ever see is the suggestion to gsyncit to gdocs to google to csv to BB conversion to android sync to notes. Is there any seamless solution to sync right from outlook notes to the droid incredible just the BB does without installing a bunch of additional apps and jumping through all the hoops??? thanks
  3. radi0chik

    radi0chik Well-Known Member

    Can anyone elaborate whether or not these apps/hoops-to-jump-through will continuously/instantaneously sync both ways realtime? I don't want to have to manually sync every time I change one or the other.
  4. doniago

    doniago Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure that any of them do real-time syncing; Gsyncit syncs on a schedule that you can specify, which I believe is the norm.
  5. RobH2

    RobH2 New Member

    This is a good thread. I just got my first Android phone, a Droid X two weeks ago. I had a BB Storm before and hated it except for one thing, it had an excellent syncing app for Outlook. I never considered that the Droid would not have the same native functionality.

    I've spent two weeks trying to find something to sync Outlook Notes and did buy CompanionLink that is used with DejaOffice on the phone. It was not suitable for syncing notes. If I changed anything in a note on the phone it would wipe out that note in Outlook. I worked with their tech support for 3 days and one long phone call and still could not find a solution. I will say that they are nice guys and their tech support was really on the ball. They just could not solve the issue.

    Tonight I set up NitroNote and it works very well. It's a little finicky about the exact order of things when preparing to sync but once you get that down it seems perfectly adequate.

    Thanks for the posts here. They helped me out a lot...
  6. kaami100

    kaami100 New Member

    Hi All,
    I couldn't find NitroNote in Market. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. MoonpieLover

    MoonpieLover New Member

    NitroNotes worked perfectly between Outlook Notes & HTC MyTouch. I used link under comment #12, followed instructions as posted, had no problems. Thanks thanks thanks.
  8. DroidMaverick

    DroidMaverick New Member

    I've found a simple solution that works great for me and required no additional software. I converted all my Notes to Contacts, and named them as such:

    zzz{ Note Title1 }
    zzz{ Note Title2 }

    The "notes" appear at the bottom of your Contact list, so they are not in the way, but you can easily scroll all the way to the end when you need them, and you can edit in Outlook or on your phone and it sync's up fine.
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  9. $c00by

    $c00by New Member

    Editing an existing Note
    Long-press on any note in NitroNotes
    Select Edit
    Make your changes
    press the Done button

    Hope this helps?

  10. sjskent

    sjskent New Member

    I'm having issues getting this to work correctly on my Thunderbolt. Im brand new with Droid, but fairly technical and just cant seem to get this working. You said its a little finicky about the order of things. Can you describe what order your syncing in so i can try to duplicate?

    Im getting an error with the desktop app stating that it can not find the default path. Maybe it's just not compatible with the Thunderbolt just yet.

    Any suggestions or feedback would be very much appreciated!
  11. sjskent

    sjskent New Member

    Disregard my previous message. I got it working. Don't ask me how though. I think i just used the sync via the app on my phone instead of the app on the desktop.
  12. Bobsdroid

    Bobsdroid New Member

    So it seems like NitroNotes is the way to go - for the present at least.
    Trouble is I still use Outlook 2000. I know that NitroNotes says it needs Outlook 2003 or newer but has anyone tried it with an earlier version?
  13. jamjoom

    jamjoom New Member

    Finally, and after i suffer for a month i have
    found the answer thanks a lot guys nitronote is perfect
  14. grfxguy

    grfxguy New Member

    The sad thing is that NitroDesk is apparently no longer supporting NitroNote and no updates since Jan. 2010.:(

    Good thing is it works perfectly with my MT4G & Outlook 2010.:) Just make sure to have Outlook open before trying to sync your notes.
  15. centurion007

    centurion007 New Member

    I just replaced my blackberry with a Droid 3. I just learned that active syncing of NOTES is not supported - How is this possible??!! The comments above suggest a 3rd party app called NitroNote - but why is it so hard to find this app and why is it not supported like other legitimate apps?
  16. doniago

    doniago Well-Known Member

    I was able to copy my notes into Evernote and use that going forward.
  17. TheDadonator

    TheDadonator New Member

    Finally, someone who thinks like i do, easy, free, syncs wirelessly and low tech--Thanks so much for solving what about 100 posters on 3 different sites couldn't do!!!

    --The Dadonator:D
  18. sheinemann

    sheinemann Member

    I think that this is the best solution so far. I believe that this method will allow one to sync in both directions.

    It also has the added benefit of being able to associate things like phone numbers, addresses and photos to a note. For some of my notes this has been benefitial.
  19. boothby171

    boothby171 New Member

    I have found (HTC Incredible) that the "Notes" field in contacts is TRUNCATED to 256 Characters.

    Anyone else find this? It's already screwed me up when syncing contacts, if it is true in a global sense, watch out that it doesn't screw YOU up when you try to use Contacts to handle your Notes!
  20. Astrompg

    Astrompg New Member

    Hi There!

    I used to use NitroNotes since near mid of last year (2010). Yesterday I decided to factory reset my LG Optimus S because it was "acting" a little weird (slow, too slow, had to wait about half a minute for the dialer to start dialing). When I looked for NitroNotes to restore it, wow! very hard to find. I thought I have lost it. I liked it because it was very simple to use, and it synced my old BB notes to Outlook and back to my new LG, for me this was Ok. Finally, I found it, within the following post, in a tinyurl at the end of the post:

    i had a blackberry curve and now a facinate. how do i move - JustAnswer

    I decided to post the Thread and not the URL to give them the right credit. Get the post from within your phone, get the tinyurl; it will download an installer, run it and install NitroNotes. Download to your PC and install NotesLink from www.nitrodesk.com/notesync/notesync.htm. Open Outlook with the notes (you have to get the notes to Outlook), run NitroNotes from the phone, select menu, and then Sync; connect phone to the PC, disregard (cancel) new hardware installation (if any) turn on USB storage at the phone, Open folder to view files at the PC; run NotesLink from the PC, run sync, disconnect phone from PC (safely remove USB mass storage from PC and turn off USB storage from phone, and then, disconnect phone); finally, select Done from NitroNotes (good luck).

    For those who find NitroNotes useful, enjoy it.

  21. sheinemann

    sheinemann Member

    After using it for awhile I found the contacts trick to be very lacking.

    I found an app called MyPhoneExplorer.

    The instructions are almost nonexistent. But, I had it installed and working in about 30 minutes.

    I did a great job of syncing all of my Outlook 2010 Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes to my HTC Inspire.

    You have to install a desktop program on your computer and an app on your phone.

    In your phone's apps listing, look for MPEnotes and MPEtasks. That is where you will find your synced notes and tasks.

    Syncs via USB, wifi, Bluetooth and fixed IP address

    The only cost is a PayPal donate nag screen when you exit the desktop program. I assume that if you make a small donation the nag screen will cease to exist.
  22. mamorten

    mamorten New Member

    I also use MyPhoneExplorer and really like it. I sync contacts, calendars, files and pictures with it. It only syncs notes with it's own note ap though which is way too basic for my needs. I'll look into the notes solutions in this thread. I'd like to sync directly to my PC without going through some other server.
  23. allturners

    allturners New Member

    I found the holy grail. I am a recent convert from over a decade on Blackberry and corporate sync with outlook. I recently left my corporate job to open my own company AND traded in my BB for a Droid Bionic. I wanted to sync my Outlook stuff with my phone wirelessly for free. I found it. :D

    It's easy, free, wireless (not WiFi, the cloud (not Google)) and it works.

    Here's what I did.

    I downloaded Funambol on my PC and my Bionic. I got "OI Notepad" for my Bionic. Now, when I add/delete/modify a note on my PC or Bionic, it is automagicly synced to the other device. Period.

    Here's how you do it.

    1 - Get a myFunambol account

    2 - Download Funambol on your PC

    3 - Download the Funambol Android Sync Client 10.0.3

    (to do this, I used Zumocast. I used my PC to follow this link, downloaded the file to my PC, then used Zumocast from my phone to browse to the file, click it, and it installs like any other Android app does)

    I will include the links once Android forums lets me (this is my first post, and they don't let you post links and attachments in your first post to combat spam).

    Stay tuned.

  24. allturners

    allturners New Member

  25. allturners

    allturners New Member

    FYI - Please note - the droid version 10.0.3 is not the current release. If you just go to funambol, download the CURRENT ANDROID SYNC CLIENT it will NOT be this one and will NOT do notes. You have to download version 10.0.3 from the link I provided.

    Also, I'm just one of you, a former BB user turned Android guy and wanted to replicate my BB experience the best I could. I don't get a thing from Funambol or OI Notes, I"m just a user like you.

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