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  1. sonycat82

    sonycat82 New Member

    Hi, I just purchased a unlocked at&t galaxy note and want to update to ICS. In the settings, there is a item say "Software update", when I select that and choose Check for updates, it ask if i want to "Check the AT&T server for new software update?"

    I am using t-mobile and want to know if its ok if I select yes to "Check the AT&T server for new software update?", will it lock my phone?

    Or have anyone follow this instruction to update your phone from I717UCLA1 to I777UCLF6? I guess my biggest concern is will the firmware update lock my phone?

    Thanks in advance for your help! :)

  2. sonycat82

    sonycat82 New Member

    I followed the samsung instruction and successfully updated to ICS, it doesn't lock back the phone. Thanks.

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