HTC Hero block withheld numbers from calling?

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  1. computerboyo

    computerboyo Well-Known Member


    Does anybody know if there are settings on the Hero which allow you to block all withheld numbers from calling? I used to have this on my old LG where it would let you reject calls from everyone, withheld, international etc.


  2. Antiman

    Antiman Member

    As far as I know there is not a specific setting for what you want,however if you select the edit option for a specific contact there is an option to send any calls from that no straight to voicemail if that is any help
  3. mcmonkiez

    mcmonkiez Well-Known Member

    there is an option if you to to settings, call settings, call barring, or there is an option also additional call settings...
  4. computerboyo

    computerboyo Well-Known Member

    hi, i have checked all settings, i just wanted to stop people calling me withheld and then putting the phone down etc.
  5. howieHTCX

    howieHTCX New Member

    I would Also like to know this as I am recieving abusive calls from my ex girlfriend. I origionally blocked her mobile number but that still allows her to call me by holding her caller ID.

    An answer would be much appreciated. I simply don't want WITHELD numbers calling me again for the next few weeks or permenantly.

    Changing my number isn't an option.

    thank youu :)

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