HTC Incredible HD Video recording; hardware or software based?Support

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  1. BleepBlorp

    BleepBlorp Member

    Obviously the EVO has 720p recording, and purportedly so will the iphone, and there on, i am sure the windows 7 phone. They all will sport 8mp cams like that of the incredibles. Does anyone actually know what prevents the HTC Incredible from recording in HD? Anyone with any insight into that sorta thing feel free to chime in.

    Cuz dang some HD recording would actually make me use the camcorder app.

  2. BleepBlorp

    BleepBlorp Member

    no one know?
  3. pkmn760

    pkmn760 Well-Known Member

    i think software based, because the cameras in the EVO and the INC would probably be the same or similar being that HTC designed/made them both around the same time (I am pretty sure EVO's are just chilling in the warehouse waiting to be shipped after they build enough hype for the phone).

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