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htc inspire resetting apnSupport

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  1. caf121958

    caf121958 New Member

    I bought a htc inspire phone from e-bay. I need to change the apn settings. the phone is unlocked, but when I go to the apn setting everything in there is blocked and I can't figure out how to change it. I have a new straight talk sims card and they said it was compatible with the htc inspire phone. I have hard reset the phone. I can do everything with the phone but I can't get on the web.

  2. chatter12

    chatter12 New Member

    hi Im have similiar problem , bought brand new lg optimus p-999 android phone use straight talk sim calling works but ineed to change apn settings but cant you help me
  3. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Hi caf121958... Welcome aboard. Hopefully the folks over the HTC Inspire 4G can possibly help you out with this. :)

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  4. ljfnky

    ljfnky Active Member

    I set mine by doing this.
    I downloaded apn backup and restore from the market. Ran that and saved them to SD card.
    Then deleted them from phone then adding apn information provided with byod sim card from straight talk. Save the new apn I just created. Then I had to toggle airplane mode. That's all everything works data,mms issue free.

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