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  1. bobheath

    bobheath Member


    I am going to be getting an upgrade on my Vodafone contract at the end of the month and really fancy the HTC Magic. My Vodafone contract is actually for a relative and they are happy with the phone they have so I thought I could put my Three Sim in it and use that. Just have a couple of questions really.

    1. Will it Work? This is in regards to the phone being unlocked, my sim being accepted and all of the Magic's awesome features being available to me.

    2. Will my Internet Max add-on allow me to use the internet for free? If anyone else has used a Three Sim, does the Internet Max add-on allow unlimited web browsing just like on my current Sony Ericcson K850i.

    3. Will I require any special settings to get the phone to work with the sim?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am fairly new to the 'Smartphone' world and have no clue what I am doing!


  2. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Hi Bobby , Welcome to AF forums & The Android Community! :D

    Let's see if we can help:

    1) The Vodafone HTC Magic will come unlocked ,If for some reason it isn't Vodafone Will unlock it for free.

    I tried a 3 Sim card and it worked no problem , The Magic has 3G so it's all good and you should have no problem "Unlocking The Magic's & Android Awesome Power"!

    2) The Internet Max -add on I assume is 3's Internet bundle. You should have no problem with this as it's just the Networks internet bundle.

    3) Yes , you would Need Network 3's APN settings this is simply Network 3's internet Settings {and MMS settings} . Don't worry though , These are easily attainable and Easy to put in your phone. Sometimes , When I put my 3 Chip in the Settings automatically appear on the phone too ;)

    I hope you enjoy your New Android Handset!

    Carl C
  3. bobheath

    bobheath Member

    Thanks a lot, answered all my questions in one post. Fantastic!!
  4. bobheath

    bobheath Member

    Right, got the phone.

    Needed a couple of settings (APN) for it to work but other than that, everything is perfect. Internet Max Add-On works perfectly along with regular calls and texts. Just wanted to say thanks for the advice as I was having doubts about the phone, but now I have it, and its awesome.
  5. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the Update bobheath :)

    I'm glad you now have an Android phone as I agree it is pretty awesome and to be quite honest over time it will just get better with new apps & new features! :D

    Enjoy your new phone!

    Carl C ;)
  6. harryvann

    harryvann New Member

    Hi, I am planning on doing this as well. i have tried in the 3 Sim and can seem to get signal. Could you possibly tell me the 3 APN settings? Or show me where i could get them ?
    Thanks a lot :)
  7. bobheath

    bobheath Member

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