HTC Rhyme, LG Rumor Reflex as a donor.

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  1. chadrik165

    chadrik165 Member

    Hi, everyone! I'm new to the forums. I am trying to figure out how or where I can pose a question about my flashed Verizon to boost mobile phone. Any guidance would be appreciated. Great site btw!

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Welcome to the forums!

    Unfortunately if you have moved from Verizon to Boost Mobile and do not own the Droid DNA then there is probably some ESN cloning involved, hopefully nothing illegal was involved.
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  3. chadrik165

    chadrik165 Member

    Thanks for the info. I hope everything is okay. both the flashed Verizon and the donor boost phone are paid for. What would constitute illegal? I paid a guy to flash it for me, but I keep having data problems. it will work fine for a while then fail until i take it back to him and he redoes the phone. Im looking for some guidance on how to fix the problem since i dont like having to take it back every couple of weeks and I have moved out of the area. I would appriciate some guidance. I have a good grasp with PC computers, but I am just learning about phones.
  4. You've got to be kidding! Sounds like an in-built countdown to 'fail' to me. As if someone's been providing themselves with some extra income. Re-set up to fail like clockwork at the desired interval. A re-interpretation of 'planned obsolescence'. In the category of bait & switch scams...

    I'd say find another phone repair guy, rapido!
  5. chadrik165

    chadrik165 Member

    I don't think it is like that. the guy charged me the first time and I never had to pay him to fix it after that. I'm just trying to figure out if he is doing something incorrectly that he may be unaware of. I figure if anybody would know a more efficient and/or reliable method it would be found here on what I consider one of the better sites. please let me clarify. the phone doesn't fail consistent every 2 weeks. once it only worked for a few days and another for about 3 weeks. the only problems I have are the web and mms, even with go SMS. again I understand that this is the introduction thread. could someone lead me in the right direction as to where I may pose this question in the correct forum? thanks guys (and gals).
  6. Could it be worth his while to spy and/or listen in on you and your immediate surroundings? Or could he be commissioned or pressed by some third party to do so? Do you often meet or otherwise communicate with 'interesting' people? I'll bet 100 bucks that symptoms like your phone's can be triggered either by timer or by remote signal, by any really professional Android coder. Especially if you can be relied on to call in with it when necessary for technical tweaks of the set up.

    But I could be wrong of course.
  7. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Flashing phones requires some specialized software which is rather expensive, so its not really practical to do it yourself. The guy flashing your phone might be using slightly outdated software, since the carriers try to stay a step ahead of that stuff, or he might just not be that great at it lol. You could try asking for advice over in the Boost forum, but you probably will just have to find someone who does phone flashing in your new location.
  8. chadrik165

    chadrik165 Member

    WOW! That sure is one way to look at it. If that is the case, perhaps one of the gurus here wouldn't mind with some direction. Definitely wouldn't want to take it back to that type of guy. I sure don't like the idea of anybody spying on me and my family while we are having dinner...
  9. chadrik165

    chadrik165 Member

    Thanks Gmash. I appreciate the guidance.
  10. chadrik165

    chadrik165 Member

    I have a Verizon HTC Rhyme that has been flashed to Boost Mobile. The donor phone was a Boost Mobile branded LG Rumor Reflex. From what I have read, it is suppose to be a troublesome flash. Everything works great...except for one hitch. Every so often (but frequently) the Rhyme loses its data and mms ability (Wifi works fine). I take it back to the guy and he tinkers with it and gets it up and running again (both 3G and 1x). I don't have to pay him after the original flash because he gave me his assurance. I have moved out of the area and would like to know if any of the members here might have an idea of what is going on, or being done incorrectly. And perhaps how to fix it, even if requires flashing a ROM to the Rhyme (though that is not preferable! LOL). Any ideas are appreciated.
  11. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Towers regularly "refresh" their data settings. Problem with a Verizon phone is that once the tower does its refresh it calls on all phones to reconnect. If you had a Sprint phone the phone would recognize the signal and reconnect. With a Verizon phone the same is not happening. It would be the same case if you were a Sprint phone user on Verizon prepaid or Page+.

    I'm not aware of an easy solution. You might try a profile update... but Verizon does their profile updates a bit differently. Sorry I couldn't put forth some real help.
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  12. chadrik165

    chadrik165 Member

    If I flashed another rom to the phone, could that change how the phone connects? or do you guys have an idea what he was doing to get it up and running?
  13. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    He was probably rewriting the data profile every time. I do not think it is a ROM issue. I think you might be having to look for a different phone... Sorry I'm not really well versed in this carrier swapping. I stick to taking Sprint sets and putting them on Boost.

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