HTC Wildfire is glitchy, can't turn on? [possible internal memory problem]

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  1. reahabby

    reahabby New Member

    Today morning I received a notification saying my HTC Wildfire was low on memory. I checked the SD card memory and it had at least 3GB left, so I assumed that it was the internal memory that was having problems. I deleted a few apps but that notification was still there. When I tried opening my messages they were force closed (note: I do have around 3000 messages, I'm a bit obsessed with keeping them...).

    The main issue happened later. Suddenly, my phone vibrated and it turned off. Then, the HTC page showed up, and then it vibrated again, this time with the "quietly brilliant" page showing up. And then that repeated, over and over again. I tried taking out the battery and trying to turn it on again but the same thing just happened.

    What's going on? Is this glitch because of the internal memory? What should I do now?

  2. FR0Y0

    FR0Y0 Member

    I will be straight.
    I don't know honestly where's the problem but I can tell you that maybe it's not about internal memory, because I've experienced the same problem. I just transfered one application to SD card and that notification "low on space" was gone.

    Hopefully this helps you out.
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  3. TijssenNL

    TijssenNL New Member

    Hi Reahabby,

    I am experiencing similar issues. Have you been able to solve it yet or found a other solution?
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  4. Ocicat58

    Ocicat58 New Member

    Wy wife has a Wildfire, and yesterday, same thing. It opens with Quietly brilliant, and keeps resetting. Only fix is to remove the battery. Another big issue is the internal memory problem - constantly blocking the phone. It seems you can't have too many apps stored on this, rendering it quite useless as a Smart Phone
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  5. eff_shaped

    eff_shaped New Member

    Exactly the same for me. Internal memory full message. Crashing browser and apps.
    Tried to restart - stuck in a loop of rebooting.
    Removed battery to stop the loop - but still happening.

    Most apps won't allow me to move them to SD card.

    The memory full messages never give advice on how to 'manage applications', just dump you in the apps list.

    All we can do is remove applications?
    Any advice on the limits of what we can store?
    - numbers of photos/videos/files
    - do texts and emails make a difference?
    - can we save contacts in any way to make them lighter on memory?

    This is all academic because I can't even turn on the phone to fix it.

    So what do I do about it?
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  6. eff_shaped

    eff_shaped New Member

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