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Huawei cannot connect internetSupport

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  1. cantonvi

    cantonvi Member

    Hi all I Have just bought this and had it unlocked to use giffgaff, all worked well it auto configured and away I went but,before retiring one night I put it on to auto update but to my surprise it had downloaded about 6 programs and they had all failed I intended to auto update the software so I must have pressed the wrong thing anyway, no connection to data so I told gg who said the goodybag was still active and no limit but it still wont connect.
    I have it on data and, have tried manual and auto detect but no joy I even tried a virgin sim from my chinky i9220 in which it works fine but will not in Huawei any ideas? to me it points to the sim but cant be the vigin one as it works in other phone but, the gg one does not!
    Also is it worth routing the phone to get rid of the vodafone stuff or is that needed for updates and is there anything at all to be gained anyway as I am a basic use only user
    I am new to android by the way and I come from a Nokia 2000!!

    Cheers all:confused:

  2. cantonvi

    cantonvi Member

    Is there anybody in??

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