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  1. daj6600

    daj6600 Member

    Hello everyone,
    Newbie here anyway I recently purchased the Huawei M860 from Metro PCS about 3 weeks ago, it has been working fine until the other morning. I left it charging overnight and for the last 3 days it freezes on the android screen during startup. I get the Huawei logo and vibration then goes to screen that says android and just stays there i have left it for hours thinking it was doing up an update...still nothing. I took the battery out...nothing even took it out for 24 hours...nothing. It will charge when plugged in. I also took out the battery and sd card put them back in and same thing happens. I also tried without the sd card and still freezes on android screen. It hasnt even been 30 days but went into store today and told me had to go to service store about 45 miles away then told me the back is scratched and might not be covered. That made me extremely upset but bit my tongue it just made me feel like they will try and tell me the samething at service store. I have not dropped it nor is it wet the stickers inside are still white the screen, corners nor side of phone have no scratches just the back case from having in pocket with my keys. They are very small cosmetic scratches. Anyway please someone help so I don't have to deal with them. I don't know how to do any resets or anything those are the only things I have tried. Thanks in advance

  2. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    i'm sure a local wireless store can help more than metro if they are refusing to honor the warrantee because of damage, real or perceived.

    you may have to flash to stock (i would try this before shelling out cash but that's just me) this should set you up good.
  3. daj6600

    daj6600 Member

    Thank you for the input, not sure if flash to stock means to do a hard reset or factory reset? Since posting this i have found posts and attempted to do a reset by holding down the volume up+send key and then power and it just goes to a pink screen. I have found someone that had this problem is a post that is labled "did i just brick my phone" or something like that. I have no idea what that means nor did a resolution get posted he just said his screen goes pink when doing a factory reset. Also this did not happen after downloading anything, I have not downloaded any new apps on this phone nor recall making any changes, it was charging then when i woke up it has just been freezing on the android screen. Is there a way i can plug it into my computer and somehow set it to factory? Can i reinstall the os or upgrade it from my pc? Any ideas or comments are much appreciated i am lost without my cell phone!!!
  4. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    nope, flash to stock means flash to stock... reinstall the os essentially.

    there is a thread around here somewhere, maybe in all things root.
  5. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    never did find out about pink screen. i looked around for it but found no other instances until now.....
  6. daj6600

    daj6600 Member

    Nevermind I just saw the post a few done from mine about flashing to stock with the usb cable. I will try that and cross my fingers. Since my phone goes to a pink screen when trying to reset i'm starting to think my phone is hosed and probably going to have to deal with the metro rep. I'm still wondering how she could say that my phone looks brand new besides about 7-8 light scratches on the back cover lol. anyway hopefully the flash works. Thanks again
  7. daj6600

    daj6600 Member

    FYI the thread for the pink screen is on page 3 of this forum here is a copy of it just in case your wondering, but again no resolution was posted, it just doesnt sound

    PLEASE HELP! I think I have bricked my huawei ascend
    My phone is stuck on the logo screen. I cant turn it off unless I remove the battery, and when I try to hard reset it the screen turns pink. I really think my phone is done for.
  8. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    yeah, i know.

    i looked into it for about two weeks but we don't get paid to do this so i have since stopped looking.

    if i could make money doing this i would, but i just accept the soul crushing reality that i don't and hope that all this generous help will negate my high school days and get me into heaven.
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  9. daj6600

    daj6600 Member

    lol, I hear ya I use to post in alot of forums back in my PC Tech days to help peeps out with issues on computers and thought how nice it would be to get paid for it and just had to accept all the "thank you's" were my payment......and you get my vote to get into heaven:0
  10. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    double you oh oh tea my man. :p
  11. daj6600

    daj6600 Member

    I was reading over the "how to flash to stock" post a few threads down on this page and came across someone with the exact same problem as me, only difference is this guy sounds like a phone guru, like he does it for a living and cannot get it to work...before i do the flash will they be able to tell i did it if i try and take it back tomorrow in case it doesn't work? If so i might just try and take it back then if they don't warranty it I will try to do it, but if they can tell i tried to flash it they might use that as an excuse not to warranty it...thanks for all the help my man dont mean to waste ur time but all the extra votes get u one step closer...anyway here is his post it seems he knows what he is talking about if he is going to break it down!!!
    I am trying to revive an ascend for a friend. It is a MetroPCS version She was cleaning it with a wet wipe and it no longer boots. It stops at the "android" boot screen It will enter fastboot and I used the flash bat from XP everything finished with OKAY, but it still boots no further than "android" I tried booting to recovery but all I get is a solid magenta screen I have a captivate so I am familiar with the concepts even if the phone has different methods Is this Ascend dead? I am willing to disassemble it if needed, just point me at a guide
  12. daj6600

    daj6600 Member

    So I don't keep posting message after message to make it easier, if i try to flash to stock and it fails will the metro store be able to tell i attempted to flash it? Don't want to give them any reason to void the warranty since i have only had it 3 weeks.
  13. daj6600

    daj6600 Member

    Dang it man!!!!I can't even do a flash if i want to cuz no matter if i try a factory reset volume up+send+power goes to that magenta/pink screen and to flash the directions say to go to fastboot by holding volume down+end call+ power and it goes to the same magenta/pink screen i think i am hosed unless their are other options....if not i just hope they warranty it cuz that magenta/pink screen comes up no matter what combo of keys i hit.
  14. Anduiril

    Anduiril Well-Known Member

    Try pulling the battery. Holding the buttons, then putting the battery back in. I know that's worked for a couple other people. You might try it.

    And if you can flash it back to stock they won't know that anything has happened to it.
  15. niquedaone

    niquedaone New Member

    i am having problems lately with my phone freezing when trying to exit the msg. and just now when trying to touch the phone to call someone back from the call log. i am not sure what is wrong and what i should do but i dont want to do anything and then mess it up.
  16. Re$TLe$$

    Re$TLe$$ Member

    I'm having the same problem =( how did you fix yours???
  17. tinkylocs

    tinkylocs New Member

    i have the same problem my phone is stuck on the android screen
  18. kbucklin

    kbucklin New Member

    mine is doing the sam thing won't go past metro pcs screen tried everything won't budge.
  19. ky0390

    ky0390 New Member

    I have an ascend m860... It takes a long time to charge but it seems to hold a charge.. so I don't know if that has anything to do with it..... but anyway, when I hit the button to shut the screen off, it won't come back on... usually it'll come back on if I let it shut off by itself but not always. the buttons light up like it's coming back on but the screen won't turn on so I have to take the battery out and put it back in and turn it on that way, it also won't let me shut the entire phone off without taking the battery out and then putting it back in and turning it on. What do I do? Does anyone know what could be wrong with it and how I'd go about fixing it? :confused: Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks! :)
  20. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    Sounds defective. Take it back to Metro or Cricket and they should replace it.
  21. Angablade

    Angablade Well-Known Member

    If you have the heuwai ascend stuck at an android screen, it was a semi bad flash. I figured out how to fix this tho. Once I copied the 2.2 update zip contents onto an SD card, and placed it into the phone, I opened the debug menu. It then said "installing update 1/2" From there, I let it finish. Then after I did so, it was doing it again. So I repeated to the debug menu, and then it said "installing update 2/2". Then it rebooted. After turning the phone back on, it came back on, and worked perfectly. It's a glitch in the software itself as I can see. Hope I helped.
  22. woodyf

    woodyf New Member

    For anyone having the specific problem of your ascend 2 having boot problems here's how I fixed it.

    Take your phone apart, remove the battery and unplug it from the charger. Make sure that when you plug it back into the charger it keeps trying to boot up without the battery in, because if it does it is ready for the battery to go in right when you feel the vibration and see the logo. Just drop the battery in then and it should start up no problems!:D
  23. Jose95

    Jose95 Member

    Help!! I was trying to update my huawei ascend to 2.3.5 but it froze and i took out the battery and turned it on it stays stuck on a screen that says ascend m860..... And the bad thing my volume up button doesent work so i cant go to cwm soo please how can i fix it please i need help
  24. Mexjoker

    Mexjoker I'm Not Real, Doris!

    You can go back to stock
  25. Jose95

    Jose95 Member

    How can i do that i really dont know that much about my phone

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