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  1. Rob Bednark

    Rob Bednark Member

    I have a Huawei S7 tablet. I filled up the 175MB of internal tablet storage with downloaded apps. The internal SD card has 7.46GB total and 7.46GB available space. How can I get the apps installed on the internal SD card instead?

    I saw on the web that you can "Settings > Applications > Manage applications > (click on app) > Move to SD card". I tried clicking on about 15 of my apps, and none of them showed this "Move to SD card" option.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

  2. RMdroid

    RMdroid Member

    When I use that "move to SD card", the files aren't moved to the internal 8Gb SD card but rather the "external" 8Gb micro SD card I stuck into the bottom of the S7.
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  3. Rob Bednark

    Rob Bednark Member

    Thanks. Unfortunately, I have no "Move to SD card" option, though I do see this on my Huawei Ideos, which is Android v2.2, whereas the S7 is Android v2.1. So I'm still out of luck.

    I have tried inserting an external 2GB micro SD card, but still don't see the "Move to SD card" option.

    Does anyone know how to use the internal and external SD cards on the S7?
  4. septe

    septe New Member

    Install app2sd from android market
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  5. Catchit

    Catchit Member

    Hi there,

    the Ideos s7 calls the inserted sd card internal storage and saves arising system data there. Inspite of this, the sd card is not formatted and without partitions. The 175MB free RAM can be filled with as many apps as you could install on the sd card.

    If you upgrade to Android 2.2 with the option apps2sd, you won't have as much RAM as now. But you could install several apps to sd card.

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