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I think I bricked my phone

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  1. joemcp

    joemcp New Member

    Hi All,

    I got my continuum a few days ago and tried to install clockwork recovery.

    I downloaded odin and the tar files in the link here Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Samsung Continuum

    and every time odin tried to do the first flash it failed.

    Now I am stuck and a picture of a phone and exclamation point and a PC.

    I'd be happy just to get back to stock...

    Any help is appreciated.



  2. joemcp

    joemcp New Member

    I tried to use this file:

    cwm_recovery_test4_adryn.tar and I am not sure if its the file or what but I got the error described above.

    To unbrick it I used:


    I am coming from OG droid 1 so not used to odin....

    Any idea what I did wrong?



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