i757 does it work on At&t LTE ?General

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  1. lmarranzino

    lmarranzino Member


    Was skimming through ebay and Amazon... This is the Galaxy S2 HD that was released in Canada that At&t did not get due to the S3...

    Wondering if LTE will work here in US ...

    Thanks in advance anyone:)

  2. maxmaxter

    maxmaxter Well-Known Member

    LTE has been available in US for over a year... The skyrocket version of Galaxy S2 is compatible. Unfortunately, LTE technology is not everywhere yet. AT&T has a list of the cities that have the LTE infrastructure. Where I live we don't have it, so I didn't bother to buy an LTE capable phone. I'm using the i777 (rooted and overclocked to the skyrocket level (Works way smooth!);)

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