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  1. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    I've never been crazy about the message about your firmware being up-to-date in Kies. What it really is telling you is that there are no later versions of firmware available to you.

  2. Rockk

    Rockk Member

    I just hate how long we have had to wait for this update. Made me even consider a Windows phone solely because of the fact that they do their own updates like Apple does, not having the users rely on the carriers for updating.
  3. ch229151

    ch229151 Well-Known Member

    Same message here: Latest Firmware: PDA:KK6/ Phone: KK6/ CSC:KK6 (ATT)

    I assume they are doing regional roll outs. I'm in New york, anyone else experience this in the region?
  4. maxmaxter

    maxmaxter Well-Known Member

    I chatted with Samsung a few minutes ago asking about the update. They were reluctant to give me information, but the representative liked me :rolleyes:. They mentioned to me that last night they were doing a test on how the servers would respond to the update. Obviously, no bueno. Tomorrow, their shutdown is to fix all the issues with the ICS update release. They did tell me NOT to update to last night's version of the OS :confused:. They also mentioned to me that 100% sure, everyone will have the update by the end of the week (3 more days!). They did hint to me that the process will begin tomorrow night after their servers come back online :).

    Cheers everyone! :cool:
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  5. FlyingPigL

    FlyingPigL Well-Known Member

    Well well well. I did do last night's upgrade and the power consumption is even worse than 2.3.6. This is affecting me only marginally as I gave up on this issue a long time ago and just walk around with at least one spare battery. But I wonder if that's why you got that rather interesting piece of advice.

    Immediate improvement I noticed right away: speech recognition is materially better. I can actually dictate texts without having some ridiculous word salad coming out. I've also used the GO launcher, since I've had to reorganize all my home pages and apps. I'm not entirely sure about that one - I must be missing some subtleties in terms of how it's supposed to improve my life. I'm now wondering if I've not added another layer of stuff to an otherwise elegant OS.

    So -- to get back to your post, it looks like I can look forward to another upgrade in the near future. Or else use Lunatics59' wonderful advice on rooting and installing something cleaner. (too busy to give it the time required so far... :p)

  6. jadalyle

    jadalyle Member

    If I install ICS on my Samsung S2 SGH-i777, will it erase all of my (already installed) apps, music, movies, games, documents etc... or will it just replace the system files?

    What version is the new update?
  7. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    It shouldn't, but you may find that there are apps that aren't entirely compatible with ICS and will need to be updated. As far as your documents and media files, they should stay the same. All effort has been expended to make this an in-place update, but going from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich is a major step and I'd highly recommend that once you update you perform a factory reset and reinstall everything just to clean up the OS. Make sure you back up ALL your important data before you do, or you could lose it.

    I believe the update is 4.0.3
  8. VFT

    VFT Member

    10:35 central time still nothing new...anyone else trying?
  9. dwykofka

    dwykofka Well-Known Member

    no update here...
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  10. gravedigger76

    gravedigger76 New Member

    Samsung support just told me AT&T was ready to release update on Saturday, but had to pull it, now there is no ETA
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  11. nfountain

    nfountain Member

    Yeah no update on mine either. I am going to try back in the morning and hope for better results.
  12. Rockk

    Rockk Member

    This bloooooows -___-

    I was hoping to get it when I got home.
  13. chandu1987

    chandu1987 Active Member

    I just followed this post and was able to update my phone successfully to ICS.. For those who cant wait can do this way and njoy the ICS on you SGSII
  14. jdCaptivate

    jdCaptivate Well-Known Member

    Checked both my wife's GSII and my Skyrocket again tonight. Update notices are gone, though my wife's never did show one.
  15. yohannie

    yohannie Well-Known Member

    Wow, this is totally reminiscent of how the Gingerbread update went for the Infuse 4G. It's almost conical how they seem to be incapable of preventing a repeat of their mistake. From what I've seen with the Infuse, they're going to drag this out and people are going to think that they're working hard to improve bugs, but once they release it again, it'll be the same damn one.

    If they don't do that and actually show that they had a legitimate reason (like working on 4.0.4), I'll be very very pleasantly surprised.
  16. wolfyboy359

    wolfyboy359 Well-Known Member

    that looks like a good way to do it, but I am scared to try it. (cause it might erase my data and settings)
    update: actually later on in that same thread it says it WILL wipe your data.
  17. chandu1987

    chandu1987 Active Member

    but u have an option to take back up of your data in kies...i did that and restored everything after the i have evrything except for the apps
  18. nfountain

    nfountain Member

    Ok so I was going to do the method above but for some reason I cannot find my S/N.. I have looked behind the battery and all that is there is the IMEI, the SKU, the FCC ID and the model number... I tried looking into the phone but the serial number is not shown in the settings, and I even tried a code I found on a website but that didnt work either.. I cant find my box either because I just recently moved... Can someone help on this?
  19. wolfyboy359

    wolfyboy359 Well-Known Member

    I am trying to back up my data and kies won't do it. Is there a trick to it?
  20. chandu1987

    chandu1987 Active Member

    It should be at the down of bar code when u remove your battery
  21. chandu1987

    chandu1987 Active Member

    are u getting any error??
  22. wolfyboy359

    wolfyboy359 Well-Known Member

    no, I click the check boxes then hit the button and nada. not a thing happens. Should I be a specific mode?
  23. Krunk83

    Krunk83 Well-Known Member

    I called AT&T and Samsung and both denied it was released.
  24. nfountain

    nfountain Member

    There is absolutely nothing there. Just the ones that I mentioned earlier. And this is one that ATT sent me directly so I know that it wont be an illegal one or anything like that... I am so confused right now...
  25. chandu1987

    chandu1987 Active Member

    I just connected in normal mode, I dont know why its not working for u. Can you try starting the kies application as an administrator and try to do the back up again

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