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ICS phones estimated release on Bell

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  1. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled


    Bell Canada has already got one Ice Cream Sandwich phone in its arsenal, and of course it is the Galaxy Nexus. Well it looks as though Bell is preparing to add four more devices to their Android 4.0 lineup in 2012. The HTC Sensation, HTC Raider, Samsung Galaxy S II and LG Optimus LTE have surfaced in a leaked internal document obtained by our friends over at Mobile Syrup. It is obviously stated these are estimated release dates and we can only hope they are accurate as many Bell subscribers are going to be dying to upgrade their Gingerbread phones to that tasty ICS.

    The following Android phones to receive Android 4.0 in 2012:

    HTC Sensation: February 2012
    HTC Raider: March 2012
    Samsung Galaxy S II: April 2012
    LG Optimus LTE: To Be determined
    This is encouraging news for Bell customers! Hopefully we get further detail soon.

    Source: Mobile Syrup

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  2. AndroidNo0b

    AndroidNo0b Member

    Good info, let's hope it actually happens!
  3. Jones197666

    Jones197666 Member

    Does anyone know if the updates for ICS actually went to Kies?
  4. gilroy222

    gilroy222 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if this is true or not? April is almost over and I have been scowering the internet in search of more answers or hints at this update being released. I currently have 2.3.6 installed on my rooted GS2 and want to confirm kies will get this update before i return my phone to stock to update to ICS lol.
  5. lowkey69ac

    lowkey69ac Well-Known Member

    does sound like its gonna happen. Another lie by bell...

    Bell Mobility ‏ @Bell_Mobility Close
    @cmaleblanc Hi there! We don't have an official date yet for ICS release but we'll tweet as soon as we have one. Thanks!

    From bell mobility twitter.
  6. gilroy222

    gilroy222 Well-Known Member

    Wow... what a bunch of dinks. you'd think their marketing team would know that customers want the latest and greatest...
  7. ativeron

    ativeron Member

    Nope nothing yet, i called support and the lady told me to call back in a week LOL HA HA HA grrrrrr
  8. ativeron

    ativeron Member

    So i went into a Bell store today to see what they say, i was told mid May it will rollout. Soooo here i wait *sigh
  9. ativeron

    ativeron Member

    Ics is here plug your phones into kies.....sgs2 bell

    dammit make sure your phone it fully charged or it will not do the update...c'mon phone c'mon
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  10. TLB2

    TLB2 Member

    I see a firmware available upgrade on Kies; but is this ICS ?
  11. ativeron

    ativeron Member

    Yes it is, i downloaded it already. 4.0.3
  12. TLB2

    TLB2 Member

    Interesting ! So what are your first impressions ?
  13. ativeron

    ativeron Member

    So far the only good thing I see about it is the voice to text action. It still has the gingerbread feel and look. not complete ice cream sandwich, kind of disappointed. you are not able to use slide, pin the other unlocking code security feature, it just doesnt work. so far thats all i have found....it you press the version a few times a new picture of android pops up. yay lol
  14. TLB2

    TLB2 Member

    Would be interested in your experience after a few days re: battery life. Many ICS upgrade experiences seem to be negative.
  15. AndroidNo0b

    AndroidNo0b Member

    Does this explain why nothing happens when I click on the orange Firmware Update button in Kies? :confused:
  16. AndroidNo0b

    AndroidNo0b Member

    No it does not...even with a fully charged battery, it will not download. It's like I'm not pressing the button (even though I obviously am).
  17. gilroy222

    gilroy222 Well-Known Member

    Kind of a disappointment really... when I first booted the phone I thought it had never updated lol. Battery life is slightly better... but still sucks. Tried using JD but it causes the phone to reboot itself about 6 times a day lol. Since I want the ICS that the nexus has i'm downloading Resurrection Remix ROM as we speak lol
  18. ativeron

    ativeron Member

    the biggest fail about the update, you cannot lock you phone ummm hello if i lose my phone then what? I should have to download an app to lock my phone...grr bell grr

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