Im getting my htc desire z tommorow !General

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  1. mrkashmir

    mrkashmir Member

    :eek: Pretty excited as i have not had a decent smart phone for a long time now and just got a contract with vodafone now.

    How was your first day experiance ?

    Lol im looking to play with it for hours on the first day.


  2. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the family. I would suggest you ensure that you are near a power source. I spent my first day (actually first week and a bit) playing around with the UI and HTC widgets. HTC has some very good widgets and there are a lot of them. You'll likely need a recharge before the end of the day because you'll be constantly tweaking your phone and new batteries tend not to last as long as batteries that have been used for a few weeks.

    One thing I would suggest you do is prepare how you plan to sync your contacts. My mistake was I didn't know there were multiple ways to do it and doing multiple contact syncs/transfers resulted in duplicate contact entries. I transferred contacts via the SIMM card and the on top of it, synced with my Windows contacts. That was a mistake. I had to later delete all of the duplicate contacts on my Windows Contacts.

    I probably should not have did the SIMM contact transfer. Probably just sync my contacts with HTC Sync first before doing anything else. Then log into FB and Twitter via the HTC versions of the apps. (Note that HTC has its own apps that access FB and Twitter.) Once you did this, you will be prompted (maybe not immediately, but possibly after a few minutes, hours or the next day) to link your contacts. The link feature is cool because it consolidates your contacts with FB, Twitter and others. (I only use FB and Twitter.) It automatically populates the FB picture of my contacts, so when I receive a call, it displays the person's FB picture (since I do not include pictures in my Windows contacts). The People app also lets you see the contact info for the person as well as the latest call activity, message, email (if you use the HTC Mail client and not the GMail client), FB update and Twitter update.

    Everything else, you'll have fun discovering on your own.
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  3. mrkashmir

    mrkashmir Member

    • Thanks for the good post but vodafone uk sent me a desire hd which im happy with.

    htc desire family <3

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