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  1. Land0

    Land0 Member

    This is the 1 thing bugging me about my S3!!! Other than this i love the phone.

    I tried to use an app for sms but find it conflicts with different phone types, and also i just do NOT want to use an app for my sms.

    Every time my gf sends me a pic :D or friends etc it shows up as a small image in a 6 second video. Very annoying, and very hard to see.

    Is there a fix for this that doesnt involve using an annoying app?

    Common samsung why cant you make a stock texting app that works. I had phones in the late 90s that could recieve images. jees

  2. TitaniumT8

    TitaniumT8 Member

    Happens to me sometimes too. I don't have an answer for you though.
  3. Land0

    Land0 Member

    Happens to me ALL the time. More than not. Might be because most of my friends are on iphone.

    I don't care though, senders type of phone shouldn't determine my ability to recieve sms pictures.
  4. viisign

    viisign Well-Known Member

    every android that i have had , has done that. idk why either. samsung epic 4g (sprint) gs3 att current, samsung rugby smart att current. i'd like to know myself.
  5. UserName872

    UserName872 Well-Known Member

    I know you say you don't want to use another app but that is your only option. Why would you not want to use chomp or gosms? They offer much more feature-wise including regular MMS like you're looking for.
  6. Land0

    Land0 Member

    I've tried using smsGo and had issues. Sometimes people wouldn't reieve my texts at all. Other gs3 users would get multiple texts from me with every send. It's very annoying.

    By far the most annoying thing about my GS3. Came from an iphone as well and this seems SO ridiculous. I recieve pics from my friends and gf ALL THE TIME and this is a very annoying issue for me.

    Its almost bad enough that i will go back to an iphone and my next switch if it isn't addressed.

    I know it seems miniscule but when you recieve 2 or 3 pictures a day that you can't view in a large format, or save to you gallery it is QUITE annoying.
  7. Land0

    Land0 Member

    i'll try chomp i guess.
  8. UserName872

    UserName872 Well-Known Member

    I agree that not being able to view and save properly is very annoying but it is a solvable issue. Not sure why you're seeing those things happen with goSMS but I wouldn't give up on it. I'm currently using chompsms and have zero issues and many people have a great experience with handcent. Either way, good luck on your venture.
  9. Land0

    Land0 Member

    giveing chomp a go. I like the interface and overall feel alot better than go. So far so good. And the pic issure is solved.

    Still seems perposterous that the stock messaging app does this though.
  10. StuDaddy

    StuDaddy Active Member

    The same thing happens to me, SMS photos appear as videos but when I hit the menu to save it to my phone, it is a pic and I can manipulate it as a pic, zooming and stuff. Weird

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