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  1. DavidinGA

    DavidinGA Well-Known Member

    After a few weeks of suffering through very poor muffled underwater sounding conversations over my Inc I found a solution that really works!

    Do the following:

    1. Go to phone and Dial ##778
    2. Choose Edit Mode
    3. Password is 000000
    4. Go to CDMA Settings
    5. Scroll to bottom
    6. Change all three of these "Home Page" "Home Orig" "Roam Orig" from EVRC to EVRC-B
    7. Hit Menu and Commit Changes

    Phone will reboot and your done!

    EVRC-B is a superior voice codec which yields substantially better voice quality. More info - Enhanced Variable Rate Codec B - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



  2. mobilehavoc

    mobilehavoc Well-Known Member

    Interesting, there must be some reason they choose EVRC by default. Anybody else try this? I don't want to do this unless others verify there's no downside.
  3. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

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  4. mobilehavoc

    mobilehavoc Well-Known Member

    So in other words in low signal areas it may not as sound as bad since it can drop to 2kbit/s instead of all the way down to 0.8kbit/s.
  5. 1967ls2

    1967ls2 Well-Known Member

    My sound quality is perfect on my Incredible. Not sure what problem you are referring to...
  6. DavidinGA

    DavidinGA Well-Known Member

    EVRC is more widely available than the newer EVRC-B and so it was shipped in EVRC mode to avoid any issues with the few who might not have EVRC-B coverage in there area. If you should find that you do not have EVRC-B in your area; after you make the switch you will get a recorded message when you attempt to place a call. If that turns out to be the case for you all you have to do is go back into the menu and change it back to EVRC. The odds of you not having EVRC-B are extremely slim I would think though...
  7. dylo22

    dylo22 Well-Known Member

    I read this in another forum. Some said they get much better quality after they switched while others didn't. I think if you're suffering from poor call quality, it's worth a try. If it doesn't work you can always switch back
  8. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Right, that is how I understand it, but to say that 0.8 is "substantially" better is a bit of a stretch, especially given that it only occurs at certain scenarios. 8kbit/s is stretching it as it is.
  9. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Fair enough, but did they experience better audio quality when stationary, in a marginal signal area?
  10. necosino

    necosino Well-Known Member

    I live on the canadian border and do not have EVRC-B
  11. wedgemoose

    wedgemoose Well-Known Member

    I'm not A pro or anything but I do have a good memory. The reason it's not defaulted is because it swills the battery. I read it a few times. they say it drinks the battery pretty bad. Maybe their exaggerating but thats the scoop. Verizon picks it to save on juice.
    Maybe it's not as bad of a ratio as they say (better quality for not that much battery sacrafice???)
  12. Haelous

    Haelous Well-Known Member

    I agree with colnago. There isn't a logical reason for this helping unless you're in a marginal area.

    If you want higher quality voice, wouldn't the proper thing to do be to try disabling EVRC and going to 13k only?
  13. dylo22

    dylo22 Well-Known Member

  14. jayno20

    jayno20 Well-Known Member

    If this really was better it would be defaulted IMO.
  15. DavidinGA

    DavidinGA Well-Known Member

    Except that some people would not be able to get their phones to work out of the box and it would be a media $hit storm for VZW and HTC...
  16. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    "I think" it would help with battery "if in a marginal area" as it could settle down on the 2kbit rate "if possible", instead of fighting between the 1/8th and 1/2 rates. I'm basing this purely on my personal experience with the Droid, and the VZ dead zone which is my mom's house. My fully charged battery almost completely drained within 4hrs, in a spot where it struggled to keep 1 was also very warm, but normally good for 24hrs under my normal useage.

    Agreed that 13k would "sound better", but apparently 13k comes with less robust QoS features...and apperently is not available on the Inc.? Hoping someone with more knowledge can shed some more light on the issue. My antenna mod for my Droid provided substantial gains to dBm values...wondering how audio quality is rated for people with low dBm levels. I'd guessing it would vary since people's perceptions will vary widely. Especially when (2) different people with say -95dBm could have different experiences:

    CDMA vs TDMA (section on "In building coverage")
  17. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Roger that.

    This change has been around for a while, but results have never really been least not from what I gathered from the Moto Droid forum. As always, is probably greatly dependant on where you dwell, and the quality of your connection.
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  18. DavidinGA

    DavidinGA Well-Known Member

    Another benefit that I have seen myself is that in EVRC-B I don't drop calls like I used to.
  19. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

    Question about all this and I'm curious.

    When I first got my phone, if you go to Menu>Settings>About Phone>Network. My phone used to say just CDMA. For the past few weeks (it may have been since Verizon fixed my Voice Mail problem). It states CDMA-EvDo rev. A.

    Is this normal? Should my phone be this way? I've not changed any settings at all.

  20. Marlboro

    Marlboro Active Member

    Ive tried this and it hasnt helped. If there was a difference, its unnoticeable.

    I know plenty of you have said you have no issues with call quality, but there are those that do.

    My call quality isnt consistently bad, but during a conversation with someone, the sound I hear will go to a muffled sound periodically, though usually not constant.
    I dont understand this. Ive got another Verizon phone, a basic one I use for work, and I dont have these issues at all. Ive come over to Verizon from ATT, didnt have that issue with them either. I dont think its Verizon's problem, but its the phone's problem.

    I absolutely love this phone. But two big issues so far do erk me a bit. Battery, and the inconsistent call quality. I really do hope its something that can be addressed with a simple software update. I want to keep this phone.
  21. veccster

    veccster Well-Known Member

    Is there any benefit to NOT doing this modification?
  22. AllezDada

    AllezDada Well-Known Member

    My concern would be coverage. Even if I were able to have this modification work here at home, there are apparently other locations where my phone would not work. I go cycling often out in the boonies. If I forget how to switch things back I'd be without a functioning phone.
  23. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Problem is, you may still suffer from a "crowded tower" at any given time. I also came from AT&T, using various Motorola phones, and my first call on VZ was to voice mail, with the Moto Droid, with a marginal signal. Audio quality was pretty bad, worse than the voice mail server I manage, prior to switching it from G.729 to G.711. Subsequent calls did sound better however, but my issue was that there were several spots in my town, where I would completely lose signal.

    FWIW, there are 4-5 Verizon outlets within 5miles in any direction in my town (DC/Balt corridor...VZ 3G map is solid red?). Initial reports here seemed to confirm that the Incredible had lower dBm levels than the Droid, when in the same location. I saw this in both stores down the street from my house.

    Personally, based on what people are reporting here, I just think the phone may not be the greatest when dealing with a weak signal, or at least a weak signal that doesn't have a clear line of sight.
  24. Marlboro

    Marlboro Active Member

    This did not do the trick for me. Bottom line is that HTC needs to continue working on a fix and release ASAP. I sure hope its not something thats going to take months. I love this phone. Coming over from Windows Mobile/ATT, I am glad I switched. However, this is starting to put a damper on my enjoyment of the phone. It is just getting annoying trying to talk to someone when it goes in and out or gets muffled. The main purpose of a cell phone is to talk...for "some" people, and when there is quality issues there, well that should be unacceptable.
  25. Reddog80p

    Reddog80p Well-Known Member

    Does this problem seem to be with everyone you talk to or just some? Does it always sound muffled no matter the location you call from?

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