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  1. dadio91

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    Last night I rooted, did a nandroid and then started a Titanium backup. I did a batch backup of apps + system data. I watched it progress for a little bit then moved on to other things. When I came back, the Titanium app was closed with a Titanium Icon in the status bar. When viewed, the notification said it was on "NHL News @ 65%". Sure enough, the backup stopped at this app and nothing after it was backed up.

    Question 1: Is this a common occurrence or a sign of something screwy? I don't want to proceed with a ROM if Titanium is not working on my phone.

    Question 2: If I were to flash Virtuous or another ROM, I'm guessing you don't restore ALL of the apps, right? The backup I attempted last night would have included the bloatware apps from Verizon that I don't want on my phone. Do you all selectively restore apps when going from the stock to a new ROM?

    thanks in advance.

  2. Mahalo

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    I can think of a couple of things I would check. First I would see how much room is available on your microsd. I've run into that situation when I had a 2 gig card and had downloaded a bunch of stuff... I think it usually goes in /sdhc/download

    If that looks like you have plenty of room I would back up its contents to my local disk and reformat it the copy your data back and try again.

    On the second question. you are correct. If you install Virtuous (I like it a lot) you will lose everything that youor phone has on it (but not what your microsd card has stored.) As far as restoring apps goes, before you do anything get a good backup via nandroid (through ROM Manager or via Clockwork.) Also, I use to sync my apps to the cloud. It has saved me a bunch of time.
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  3. dadio91

    dadio91 Member

    Thanks for the response.

    I checked the card after it failed to complete and it still has over 1G available (stock 2G card) . The only real item on the card is a nandroid backup I did after rooting (I had just previously reformatted it to FAT32 prior to rooting) So I don't suspect the card.

    Any other known issues that would cause Titanium to fail? Should I just be backuping up the apps + user data and not system data anyway? I figured it was better to back up system data just in case; knowing that if a flashed a ROM I would not restore it, generally speaking (from what I've read).

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