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  1. clip12

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    alright just so no one gets confused this time :3
    GT I9505, running 4.3 stock jelly bean, samsung galaxy s4.

    just another question with a backup restore, I restored a backup from CWM (4.3 backup) after installing the google edition rom. After restoring the backup, all these things came up saying that "unfortunately" blah blah has stopped working. I took this as I had the wrong gapps installed as this has happened before except in a different situation. The errors are like unfortunately google play store has stopped and unfortunately pictochat (or whatever its called, im going off memory) has stopped. They just wont stop popping up on the screen. Anyway so, does anyone know the issue I am facing? I installed 4.3 gapps before but it didnt fix the issue.


  2. ocnbrze

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    moved you to the s4 international root forum for better help.
  3. DragonSlayer95

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    If it's stock jelly bean (touchwiz), gapps shouldn't have even been flashed.

    I'd opt for fixing permissions in recovery to see if that fixes it.

    If not, reflash your stock rom if you've got it handy.
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