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  1. KingDrax

    KingDrax Member

    When the phone comes out of lock screen (ring pull and draw in lock pattern) there's usually (but not always) no Internet icon (H, 3G or G), and when I'm at home using Signal Boost on the WiFi, it doesn't always log in to the WiFi immediately. Eventually, in either case, it does find the Internet connection, but it can take 5 mins or more on the mobile network, and 2-3 mins on the WiFi, to connect. Other times it connects instantly. I can be sitting in the same place and this still changes from one occasion to another.

    I have the phone set to automatically connect to known networks; WiFi and Mobile Network are switched on all the time. My APN is set as Orange Internet (the normal one) and the APN type to 'default'. It was previously set to 'default,hplni' or something and this didn't help either. 'Enable always-on Mobile Data' is also switched on.

    Is there another setting I can tweak? the orange helpline people suggested I try switching to, say, 'Orange' rather than 'Orange/T-Mobile' or vice versa.

    Thanks in advance :)

  2. TejasT

    TejasT New Member


    I am also facing the same issue in my HTC Explorer.

    Have you been able to find any workaround to this problem?

    If yes, please share it as this problem is really making my life harder.

    Thanks in advance :)
  3. KingDrax

    KingDrax Member

    Hi there - yes, I did find a solution; sorry, should have posted it.

    I went Menu - Settings - Wireless and Networks - Mobile Networks - Access Point Names - OrangeInternet (or whatever your provider network is) - APN type. Mine was set to something like 'default.hptlj' or something like that (although I did not set that setting); I changed it so it was just 'default'. Sorted.

    Edit, not relevant to the OP but: I have also stopped using Signal Boost. It can be useful sometimes but there is a delay when it goes in and out of signal, so you can lose your call. Not worth it; I live in a good signal area anyway!
  4. binubabu

    binubabu New Member

    patten lock change

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