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Inviting all owners of Samsung Galaxy 551General

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  1. rsk11584

    rsk11584 Active Member

    Hi Friends

    Inviting all owners of Samsung Galaxy 551 i5510 to post their idea, views, experiences, problems whatever it is ;)


    I am Ravi from Chennai India ,

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  2. monkeyslayer

    monkeyslayer New Member

    Hey I'm Raj from the Philippines. :D

    I think we're the only two with a 551. LOL

    Nothing wrong so far. Just a few apps problem and battery wanting to quit on me from time to time.

    What about you?
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  3. rsk11584

    rsk11584 Active Member

    Yeah battery backup not so good one thing i found to have longer battery is to keep the phone charged for longer time inspite of it showing charged, keep it for some 1 hr more, it will give good backup and dont use gps, gprs unless required. rest all fine rooted with z4root, internal memory too low ;( and not all apps move to SD card ,
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  4. pureindigo

    pureindigo New Member

    I already sent mine back :-(
    I found it be be a great little phone with really excellent features, but in the UK it has developed the same problem as the Galaxy 550 where text messages from o2 are repeated many many times. I phoned Samsung, they say they are aware of the problem, but new firmware isn't expected soon. Shame.
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    HUFFFF New Member

    I hope someone gives info for ROM galaxy GT- I5510
    Froyo 2.2.1 or 2.2.2 for galaxy 551.if it can support
    support for this issue is very sad in many forums android

  6. GaZzi

    GaZzi New Member

    1 from indonesia :D

    HUFFFF New Member

    let's go users galaxy i5510
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  8. thottamla

    thottamla New Member

    looking for a better input preferably Swype for 551.. i have qualms on the phone except for the battery :)
  9. vikrampandiyan

    vikrampandiyan New Member

  10. GalaxyI5510

    GalaxyI5510 New Member

    I bought a Galaxy i5510 last Tuesday and everything was working including the wifi.

    I installed the Samsung Kies software and it told me that I have to upgrade my phone's firmware.

    After the upgrade, my wifi was no longer working. Please help.

    Frustrated I5510 User in the Philippines
  11. airta

    airta New Member

    I would go to support centre and tell them to fix the mobile if i were you, its quite new and samsung guys will definitely fix it.
  12. dilupourus

    dilupourus New Member

    hey i am having wifi problem in my phone too i bought it about 10 days ago and now n then wifi stops working .... i do a factory reset n then it starts again but i am fed up doing reset everytime hence i am updating it with kies and seeing what happens did u find any solution...
  13. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    I am Karan from Mumbai
    The 551 fails to be recognized in KIES 1.5 or 2.0
    The USB storage can be accesed,phone memory cant be accesed .
    But when i switch off USB debug mode, and select KIES in phone
    the USB debug gets activated and KIES doesn't recognize it.
    The Samsung USB Android driver fails to install on Windows 7
    Phone is fine ,touchscreen is awesome ,PC support is worse than pathetic
  14. RokC

    RokC New Member

    Hello everybody.

    I have a problem with my moms samsung galaxy 551. Her laptop doesn't recognized wifi hotspot. And it's not working...any suggestions?

    Thank you!
  15. samratbaweja

    samratbaweja New Member

    Hi, I just found a new problem on my galaxy 551. When I connect my cell to any external speaker, either through Aux cable or directly to a speaker, sound comes only from the right speaker. I tried on various speaker systems and same problem occurred in all of them. But there is no such problem in the earphones, I am getting proper sound in both sides. Also there is no such setting in the cell phone to adjust right/left balance. So please help me with a solution!
  16. chetanburse

    chetanburse New Member

    I brought 551 10 days back ...
    Sad, But having same problem with WIFI ...... many people seams to have this problem. I think it is related with the WIFI protocol suit of FROYO. I was trying something but i fear that i will loos my firmware. Can any1 know how to take backup of ROM or any ROM backup that is available on net from which i can recover my original ROM settings?

    I am soft. engg. working in J2ME, from what i studied, i think i can change the protocol suit and try to fix the wifi problem, but to do that I need ROM backup as if anything went wrong i must recover to original stage ....

    can any1 suggest something........ ??
  17. $achin

    $achin New Member

    Hey friends need help,,,,
    m in strong need of 3g settings ...:confused:
  18. smukhers

    smukhers New Member

    Every time I reboot the device, the apps disappear for a while, and show after about a minute. This time, they're not showing at all. Not on the home screens or in the app menu. the task manager and app manager show that they are installed, and i can launch them off the android market. most of the apps were on the sd card. i moved them back to phone memory, and they're still not showing. Pls help?
  19. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Open the task manager
    IN the RAM menu ,clear level 1 and level 2 memory
    And hey presto ,the apps reappear in the app menu. :)
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  20. Hyv

    Hyv New Member

    Hy, im from indonesia, im using Galaxy 5510, in indonesia we are call GAZZY

    visit my blog, I discuss some changes in my GAZZY

  21. dhruba

    dhruba New Member

    I have bought my Galaxy 551 5 days ago and till now I have found mainly one problem. The impossibly short battery life. It doesn't even last for a day of moderate use. And once I saw it stopped working during standby and there were two displays in the same display. One reset corrected that problem. Angry Birds is not always smooth in this phone. Thats all I can say till now.
  22. admax

    admax New Member


    i am using galaxy i5510. wanna know how to set a mp3 file as a ringtone .. unable to find that off the manual
  23. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Music Player
    Hold on the name of file
    Menu:-Set as ringtone
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  24. Barthezzz

    Barthezzz New Member

    What do you consider moderate use? Wifi and games drain my battery in under 24 hours but it lasts 2-3 days if wifi, bluetooth and gps are turned off and i dont play any games. (note: I rarely call/get called, battery life includes sending/receiving 10ish text messages a day)

    Alternatively; if you have an SD card create a folder called "Ringtones" on the SD card and any mp3 you place in there shows up in the ringtone selection list.

    Additionally; creating a folder called "Notifications" on the SD card will cause all mp3's is this folder to show up in the SMS/Email sound selection list.
  25. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Well yours is actual minimal usage.,Moderate usage include 6-8 call averaging 4 minutes,60-100 minutes of music,mild usage of wifi and GPRS ,some GPS thrown in,a round or two of angry birds or some game,.It barely lasts 16 hours .:)
    Btw thanks for showing the second method.

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