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Lg optimus s..how to turn shutter off

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  1. Alyssalu6

    Alyssalu6 New Member

    When you take a picture there is this loud shutter sound that goes off and I can't figure out to turn it off.:eek:

  2. The stock camera doesn't have a shutter sound enable/disable function. 'Camera360' does. It's free and in the market.
  3. Planetbob

    Planetbob New Member

    So I found out by accident today you can disable the shutter sound...if you go into your volume controls set the ringer volume to zero you wont have a shutter sound( i just do it via my quick settings app[one with green gears in market] which you should have since it also allows you to bypass the hotspot lock out from sprint)
  4. R.Vitorino

    R.Vitorino Member

    i tried and it didnt work :( Camera360 free is the best solution i could find so far

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