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List of bugs & improvements for Desire from Swedish Android forum

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  1. snooze

    snooze New Member

    Hello all Desire owners. Thought I should share a list of bugs and improvements that we have gathered on a Swedish Android forum and that we have sent to HTC. The English isn't the best, mostly googletrans, but perhaps you guys could edit it and add new bugs and improvements and send to HTC in your countries.


    - The Homescreen is choppy when using the optical trackball quickly a couple of sweeps in a row. 1.15.405.4

    - Scrolling in the message history for sms lags significantly, even without contact photos 1.15.405.4

    Freezes & Lockups
    - Google maps + phone call makes the phone reboot itself.

    - I have twice suffered from the multi touch stop working. Normal touch works, I can move the map in the maps in any direction, but not with the pinch zoom. Dissolved after rebooting the phone. I have not been able to find anything about the pattern when it occurs, unfortunately. 1.15.405.4

    - My helicopter-view tends to bug, when I should bring it forward, it only shows the box to the left, and there is weather.

    - It often take enormously long time to turn off the phone, ie several minutes. 1.15.405.4

    Contacts, FB, Syncing
    - Contact list of SMS does not use the setting of contacts from which contacts will be retrieved.

    Explanation: When selecting the contact from sms / message this gives an alphabetical list of all contacts in your phone. With all numbers and emails. On average, you have 1 number and 1 email, sometimes 2 numbers for each contact. Each contact will then take up 2 squares, one would instead choose the contact and then "medium" / contact list would be much smaller and transparent.

    - If you have your Facebook-contacts synced it links random FB-contact with SMS messages from unknown senders. Fix today is to remove FB-sync.

    - When it sync Facebook friends you get the error message "The process com.htc.bg has stopped working ..."

    - The link between Facebook-contact and regular contact is lost for the majority of contacts in sync with HTC Sync. 1.15.405.4

    - Unchecked contacts that appear in the Phone menu, even when they're not supposed to be visible. This goes for sim, phone and facebook contacts.

    - Contacts widget that comes with the phone; I have chosen a group that I tend to call often. When you click on a contact first a box comes up so you can choose SMS call or email. The next time it is selected by default, so if I choose SMS for the first time, there will always be text message when I click on the contact. Fix: Let us choose every time.

    - When I add things to my google calendar, it will not enter into my calendar on the phone. Could this be because I use google apps or is it the same for everyone? And yes, I have chosen in my calendar on the desire that it should sync to my google calendar. 1.15.405.4

    - Activesync (calendar) to FirstClass doesn't work as it should. Do not get any error messages in any logs (either on the phone or on the server) and can sync, but nothing shows up in the phone calendar. However, if I create events on the phone they are created on the server. 1.15.405.4

    - I think that the update of the pictures in the contacts that are linked behave very strange. Several of the contacts update their images when people change "Profile picture" on facebook but some do not. I have also tried to delete a contact that I had linked on facebook and then created it again with the same name and the old picture showed up. Do not know if it is a normal use case but I want the images to be updated when the "profile picture" is changed in facebook, all linked contacts and not just a few. 1.15.405.4

    3G, WiFi & Bluetooth
    - 3G problem: I turn off the 3G through the settings to save battery. Sometimes it works to bring it back. Sometimes it says that it is in the settings but no icon comes up and I can not surf. Has 3G watchdog set to be started only when I use 3G, so I am sure that it is not running. I have to restart the phone to make it work again.

    - When you have access to a WiFi network, but loses connection the phone don't go over to APN. Restart required to get it to work again. 1.15.405.4

    - WiFi works worse when the screen is off: Ping-times to the phone increase dramatically, spotify stops downloading songs, seem to loose connection if left alone for a couple of hours.

    - When you have used bluetooth all day it can't be shut off. The only way is to reboot the phone. It Has also happened that if I turn off the headset the box "Headset Disconnected" is left. Have a Jabra BT8040. 1.15.405.4

    - FM radio skips certain frequencies. Tex at 100.0 in Skelleftea, the frequency could not be found in the scan, and you can't slide to it. Then you get 100.3. One can however step back to right frequency afterwards. 1.15.405.4

    - "Power" button in the Radio app is not working. The only way for me to turn off the radio is to unplug the headset. 1.15.405.4

    - FM radio has poor reception, we hardly receive any channels without noise. 1.15.405.4

    - When you move the cursor one line up in the SMS messages in landscape mode with the optical trackball it puts the marker a few words further ahead. 1.15.405.4

    - It seems ti send wrong DTMF tones. At least it doesn't work against my mailbox. (Not a mobile operator but a PBX). 1.15.405.4

    - The feature that reduces call volume when you move the phone can not be used if the vibrator is active. As soon as the phone vibrates the volume is lowered without having touched the phone. 1.15.405.4

    - It is not possible to reset the timer, it goes back to the time you picked last time. 1.15.405.4

    - If you have less than ~ 15MB free space in the ROM (which apps will be added) it blocks system applications that update (such as Facebook, Android Market, Calendar) and you get absolutely no indication on why it doesn't sync or update anymore.

    - "Color banding" in photos taken with the camera. Image contains more colors than your phone can display, and the image therefore seems to be adjusted to the colors of the phone which results in sharp breaks in the transitions. 1.15.405.4

    - Bookmarks way of sorting resets in the browser periodically. Eg if you choose to sort by "most used bookmarks" it works in a few days before it returned to the "recently added" again.

    - Be able to set different keyboard types for various applications, such as "phone-keypad" for text messages and qwerty for Internet.​

    - Swedish keyboard (from htc)

    - A long press on the gear wheel on the keyboard should take up a shortcut menu for the keyboard language. ​

    - Be able to use the LED light for video recording ​

    - The camera is below par on many levels, do not know if it's hardware or software, but something they definitely could do something about is when you take pictures that require flash. The flash should be lit a second before the picture is taken so that the camera can focus, just as it does in real cameras. As it is now, it can not focus because it can't "see anything". The flash should also be weaker, now it is just too strong. ​

    3G, WiFi & Bluetooth
    - Ability to set which programs are allowed to use 3G when wifi isn't available (eg Internet browser) so that it can always be in 2G mode and save battery instead of having to switch on / off manually.​

    - Be able to use your phone as a modem via bluetooth.​

    - Would like to be able to choose to go down from WiFi faster than 15 minutes when you lock the screen. I would like to see a 1 minute choice for Wi-Fi policy. Anything that can help improve your battery life, I think we should be able to set.

    Contacts & Syncing
    - You can't choose which group of contacts to sync, which you can in Nexus and Hero. The result at best is that all one's contacts is visible when you flip through these in messages (eg when creating new SMS). In the contact folder you can solve it by checking that only contacts with phone numbers appear, but you still can not select a specific group. ​

    - Ability to choose to sort the contacts list on First name, Last Name or Company. Not when you add the contact but on the fly.​

    - Individual Facebook profiles of contacts can not be deleted or marked so that they are not visible in the contacts. It is either all facebook profiles, only facebook profiles with phone numbers or none at all. 1.15.405.4

    Mail & Calendar
    - Support for IMAP-Idle in the mail client would be desirable.​

    - Can not copy text from gmail on the phone 1.15.405.4 ​

    - Want to be able to push Google Mail in the Mail program (not the Gmail app). It can only be set by every 5 minutes or less.​

    - Want to put 0 minutes as reminder in the calendar. 5 minutes before is the minimum time. If I have a task at 18:00 and want the alarm then I don't want to put the activity at 18:05​

    - The calendar should put all birthdays from Facebook or from the contacts​

    Harware buttons
    - Want the back button in an application to lead back to the application menu if you have entered via the application menu, not back to the Home screen as the Home button does. ​

    - Ability to delay the volume button on the side. eg it does not register the change until after about 1 second. Many times it now changes the volume when you pick up the phone.​

    - Delay on / off button. On most phones you have to keep the on / off button for a little while before it starts. On Desire the phone starts right away. 1.15.405.4

    - A choice to use the "proximity sensor to prevent the phone from unlocking itself in the pocket. If you have thin pockets, or accidentally tap the "menu" button ", you can accidentally unlock the phone in your pocket. This is also a problem when it rings, which can make you put on / respond when you pull the phone out pocket. Furthermore, the power button is too easily accessible, so even if it is locked the screen can be on in your pocket without having a clue about it. 1.15.405.4

    - Be able to bring the phone from sleep mode by pressing the trackball-button (which can't be pressed down by accident in the pocket for example) ​

    - Ability to remove startup and shutdown sounds, turn the phone on or off at night in the bedroom wakes both the wife and children.​

    - When you connect the charger in the car I wish I could choose the display not do be switched off, but when I charge at home overnight this should be possible as it is now. I Want to be able to control this. 1.15.405.4​

    - To be able to choose to have ringing in the headphones, the phone or both when you have wired headset plugged in.​

    - Bookmarks in your browser have to be able to have in folders. Imported all my bookmarks and they come in a long list. Impossible to find what you're looking for.​

    - The way bookmarks are ordered shall also be applied to bookmark widget.​

    - Fix an opportunity to have call profiles.​

    - Ability to select the phone to display "pelle (070123456)" or "pelle (work)" in the SMS conversations. Explanation: I have some friends with several mobile numbers that they use depending on whether they are in Sweden or abroad. I would therefore like to know what number I have to answer to and which they sent from. Currently, I see only their names and not sender number.

    - Possibility to choose the level of compression when sending a picture by MMS. There is no reason to compress an image of 1.5MB to 8KB other than to make the image unviewable. 1.15.405.4

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  2. czechplastik

    czechplastik Well-Known Member

    Comprehensive list, thanks. Translated well enough to understand.

    The positive thing about HTC is that they genuinely seem to care about feedback and tech complaints, it's great to see such Customer Focus from a manufacturer. Even simple things like acknowledging and replying to emails.

    Hopefully in time a lot of these issues can be resolved.

    Good work :)
  3. Onno

    Onno Member

    In day view if you swipe from right to left, the date increases which is what you'd expect.

    In month view if you swipe from right to left, the date decreases which is not expected behaviour.

    Additional issue, in day view, the up/down swipe isn't locked, since it doesn't do anything, there is no reason for the screen to bounce and no reason to take into account the up/down component of a swipe - which sometimes actually prevents you from flicking through days.

  4. Onno

    Onno Member

    In Australia we're metric, but the supplied Lattitude application is imperial with miles and feet - which means nothing to me.

    There is no way to change this.

  5. Onno

    Onno Member

    If you have SIM card lock enabled it prompts for your PIN after turning off Airplane mode.

    The only "work-around" is to turn off SIM card lock entirely.

  6. Onno

    Onno Member

    You cannot move an existing event to a different calendar.

  7. Onno

    Onno Member

    You cannot move an event from one calendar to another.

    In an attempt to work around this, I found the following bug:

    You cannot share an event (Share vCalendar) with yourself and open it because the Calendar app cannot understand its own event.


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