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"Loading".... white screen, green "HTC" text on app exit.Support

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  1. freerangequark

    freerangequark New Member

    Searched the forums... didn't see this exact issue...

    Today a new problem started on my phone...

    Whenever I exit an app I get a white screen with green "HTC" text followed by "Loading.........".

    The Evo eventually gets back to the main screen.

    I've tried power cycling the Evo to no avail and I don't have any new apps or upgrades on the phone.

    Any thoughts on how to fix this short of a hard reset?


  2. rangergrrl

    rangergrrl Well-Known Member

    I to have been having this issue since the FPS update. I happened quiet frequently the first couple days and then less often. My phone is lagging even when I don't see the message.
  3. freerangequark

    freerangequark New Member

    Not sure if this is related... but whenever I try to edit a contact I get an error stating

    "Sorry The Application People (process com.android.htccontacts) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

    Trying again yields the same results. :(

  4. TF1984

    TF1984 Well-Known Member

    There could be at least a few reasons, need more info to completely advise. Here are the prelim questions, followed by general info/recommendation.

    1. Rooted?
    2. IF Yes, what Rom, kernel are you running?
    3. IF Yes, are you using any system tools, set CPU, task killers, auto killers, etc. etc.?
    4. What launcher are you using? Sense, LauncherPro, ADW?

    Generally this is an indication of memory not being available, so the phone SOFT resets in order to free up the needed memory to run the default launcher/home screen apps and widgets.

    If you haven't installed any new apps, then the first thing I would do is DL spare parts, run it, locate Battery Information and tick the option to view CPU Usage. See if anything looks strange there. To determine if it's launcher related, try using a different launcher and see if this fixes the problem (temporary diagnosis only).
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  5. freerangequark

    freerangequark New Member

    1. No
    2. n/a
    3. n/a
    4. I haven't done anything (that I am aware of) to change the launcher from whatever came with the phone.

    I'll get Spare Parts going and report back.

  6. freerangequark

    freerangequark New Member

    I installed Spare Parts and ran the app.

    I changed the Activity/Process managements from "Aggressive" to "Normal".

    Everything works fine now :)

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  7. TF1984

    TF1984 Well-Known Member

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  8. sirrah1976

    sirrah1976 New Member

    That worked great for me! However, if when you go into "Spare Parts" settings and you do not see "Activity/Process managements," try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and the go into, "Activity/Process managements" and change settings form "Aggressive" to "Normal". That is what I had to do and I'm good now.


    Thanks to TF1984 and freerangequark

    I AM THE NEW-B!!!:D:D:cool:
  9. metropride

    metropride New Member

    This worked for me as well. Great tip; thank you!
  10. kostaslgr

    kostaslgr New Member

    It worked for me as well. HTC desire Z
  11. moore078

    moore078 New Member

    i tried this tip which was very useful for about a day. then just started doing it as worse as before. any more suggestions on how to rid this mind melting problem.
  12. moore078

    moore078 New Member

    If anyone is experiencing this problem. Try letting your battery run completely flat. Then charge it. That seemed to clear up the problem. Try it.
  13. Rube8514

    Rube8514 Well-Known Member

    Since draining the battery down to 0%, how long has it been since the last white screen?
  14. EVU

    EVU Well-Known Member

    Is this problem the same as the Sense Reboot?
  15. moore078

    moore078 New Member

    Its been a day since I have drained battery. And no white screen since. My phone was also quite slow. It has noticeably increased the speed. Let me know if it worked for u

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