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  1. myself1300

    myself1300 New Member

    Hello, i have a problem. After installing lock 2.0 i turned off my phone. The next day upon turning my phone on, I couldnt get past the lock screen..... i would unlock it but it would not go to my home screen..... So i cannot get past the lock 2.0. PLEASE HELP!!! i have made it so it is not my default lock but it still wont go to my home screen. I hooked my phone up to my computer via usb and the application is not on my SD card so i can't do anything.


    UrsusVIIILXXXVII Well-Known Member

    If it is no longer your default lock screen, then couldn't you just pull the battery or reboot your phone and not worry about getting stuck there again?
  3. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Can you tap your menu button in Lock 2.0 and set your default home app?

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