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  1. mistyinca

    mistyinca Guest

    Is there an app that can do away with it or some other way to get rid of it? I came from an incredible and I prefer the sweep. I also don't care for having to unlock to answer calls.

    Any suggestions? Thanks

  2. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

  3. leroybrute

    leroybrute Well-Known Member

  4. mistyinca

    mistyinca Guest

    I haven't done that kind of thing since my balckberry days. Is have to have someone spell it out for me step by step and tell me which lines to copy cut paste and modify. Not really sure im ready for that. :)
  5. Nolesfan

    Nolesfan Well-Known Member

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  6. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

  7. pat3332

    pat3332 Well-Known Member

    Maybe I'm missing something, but I can answer calls when the phone is locked. I just drag the Answer button into the ring and I'm connected to the caller. When the call ends it goes to the unlock keypad screen.
  8. nynvolt

    nynvolt Well-Known Member

    No lock from the market. It's free. It will turn off locking all together with a single button and turn it back on.
  9. thornev

    thornev Well-Known Member

    I use "No Lock" from the Market. It provides a widget that you press to toggle having the lock ring active (or not) when you turn on the display.
  10. mistyinca

    mistyinca Guest

    Yeah; that's exactly what I dislike, hence the title. With my Incredible, I could either just click "answer" or I could sweep to answer the call. I don't like the precision required to use the circle. Especially to snooze the alarm clock in the morning. I'm confused and stupid and just want to tap a big square snooze button. (and yes I know about the side button. that would be even more difficult for me.)
  11. mistyinca

    mistyinca Guest

    I don't mind having the screen locked. In fact, I need it to avoid purse dialing. I just don't like the circle. I'd like to find a way to sweep instead like on my Incredible.

    Do all these lock apps just either do or don't on the lock screen at all? I'm looking more to change the style of the lock screen.

  12. mistyinca

    mistyinca Guest

    Yeah, I may not be ready for that. LOL. I was able to hybridize my OS back on my blackberry, but that was after reports of it working near perfectly by everyone who had done it. But I'll go take a look.
  13. rcrott1

    rcrott1 Well-Known Member

    WidgetLocker is such an amazing app, and the dev, kevin, is really responsive on the boards.

    the ONLY thing i have found is that it does not replace the call answer swipe part that you are talking about. but for the lock screen, it's amazing.
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  14. mistyinca

    mistyinca Guest

    I looked up widgetlocker in the market, and I'm a little wary because of the reviews. They seem to run about 50 50, and they indicate it's still a bit inconsistent right now.

    Not ready to pay $2.99 if it appears that unstable now. Maybe when more of the kinks are worked out.
  15. MrSmith317

    MrSmith317 Well-Known Member

    If/when you're ready to root, read the guide and ask questions. There are plenty of helpful people over on the "other" side. Or join us over at XDA where there's enough information to make your phone explode.
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  16. volcanicstrad37

    volcanicstrad37 Active Member

    Widget locker has worked fine for me in the past. From Eros to tbolt to bionic to rezound
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  17. rcrott1

    rcrott1 Well-Known Member

    I've had WL since it was $.99 when it first came out in the market, back when i had my DInc, brought it with me to the DInc2 and now on my Rezound, and I will continue to port it to further devices, i trust in it that much.
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  18. poshpepper

    poshpepper Member

    I have also had WL since it first came out (also had a DInc) and have had no issues with it. It has all the features I could ever need and would solve the problem you are having of not liking the ring. It has several lock screen styles including the older Sense style of dragging the bar down.
    You can always download it, test it for 10 mins and if you don't like it, get a refund.
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