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  1. d4005

    d4005 Active Member

    Does anyone know of an app that will take a photo using the front camera (the one facing the phone user), store that pic temporarily, and when the phone then goes back to sleep (so the internet usage is probably lower), it emails that photo to a selected email address.

    Most of the time it will be sending ME pictures of ME, which I'll just delete.

    If however someone should steal my phone (or find it somewhere) and switch it on, hey presto. There'll be a picture of them emailed to me. Another use case is if someone unauthorized decides to snoop in my phone, I'll know about it.

    I know about phone locators like Prey and Lookout, I just thought that this would be another extra level of protection.

    edit: forgot to mention, it would only take a photo on wakeup/bootup. So basically one per phone usage session.

  2. amlothi

    amlothi Well-Known Member

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  3. d4005

    d4005 Active Member

    I assume you're a Tasker user. Do you think it can do all of those things? I've been reading all the comments in the market and it sounds like it can do a whole heap of things. So I figure I'd have to setup some rule like this (ignore the terminology, I don't know Tasker yet):

    OnWake -> Take Photo (using user-facing camera), make a note of filename
    OnSleep -> Email [filename] photo to fixed address/fixed subject

    Similarly for OnBoot and OnShutdown if such events exist (and they probably do).

    If it were a free app, I'd just download it and try the above. As it's a paid one, I don't want to buy it unless I know it really can do what I want. Although I can already think of a dozen unrelated rules I'd like to setup (e.g. onconnection to *my* wifi, set brightness to low, and onloss of my wifi, set brightness to max (because I'm going outside)). So many more too (like on-start of games [x,y or z] set volume to minimum). I gotta get that app. Hope the market finally added paypal as an option. No way I'm giving google my credit card number.
  4. d4005

    d4005 Active Member

    I've already convinced myself I want this app, even if it can't fulfill the feature mentioned in this thread.

    I just need to find an anonymous prepaid credit card so I can buy it without giving my life away to Google in the checkout.
  5. cds0699

    cds0699 Well-Known Member

    I usually go to any grocery store/Walmart/Target/etc, and buy a $25 pre paid Visa card and use that to buy my apps on the Android Market. I do it with a $25 card at a time so that I know thats the most I can lose if the card info is stolen/compromised. Works very well :) I've prob gone through about $100-$150 in $25 visa gift cards lol.
  6. d4005

    d4005 Active Member

    Don't you have to give them your name/address/D.O.B. etc though if you want to make a transaction online? This is what I don't like. Having to give that info to Google. I've asked my credit card company (and am waiting for a reply) whether it's possible to add a second address - a fake one. It only has to work for authorization for online download-style purchases, so the address doesn't matter.

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