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  1. YamiR6

    YamiR6 Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 4, 2010
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    I was thinking about returning my EVO today because of some faults that it has. I have battery life problems and so on. Then at lunch today I got a phone call from the local RS that I bought my EVo from to tell me how the manager there ordered me an EVO just to replace mine. Talking about good people. Here I was going to not trust him and just return it to order a new one later on and he went and took the initiative to get me a new one.

  2. MackNY

    MackNY Active Member

    Jun 2, 2010
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    They did the same for me as I have a faulty hardware problem with the voice recorder and voice playback capabilitites. They didn't even need to check it out but I showed them anyway. Great service, the only problem is it's taking a while because most don't stock the phone, they only order it. It's a longer wait than if you had to swap at Sprint or BB but whatever.

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