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  1. MarioNico

    MarioNico Well-Known Member

    n00b question: I have now a "low disk space" notification received regarding the phone memory... it was under 19 mb... K.. deleted a few apps.. now I have 23 mb free and the note is gone... How can you make the default save place to be the SD card and not the phone memory? (I've done that for the cache from Dolphin browser to be saved on SD)
    ...I ve read the post regarding root to make the apps to run from SD... for the moment I will not root my phone waiting for the 2.0.1 update.
    ...any other solutions? I have a SD card memory of 5.55 GB free... I want to use this space and not the phone's.
    ..what program dou you use to see the apps on the phone and the space that is occupied by those? I use Astro/phone and the MOTOROLA MEDIA LINK/PC.

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  2. hey i have the same problem with me. plz some1 help. some1 provide the update fine plz.......
  3. Brendanmurphy

    Brendanmurphy Well-Known Member

    How much memory does the milestone have when you first get it?
  4. MarioNico

    MarioNico Well-Known Member

    did't payed attention but I think it had under 133 mb while this is the internal storage + 8 GB SD card
  5. spottyelephant

    spottyelephant Well-Known Member

    I have the same issue - around 35mb left.

    edit: with astro, i know you can go to sd card usage in tools and see space use, but how do you do that with phone memory?
  6. juan.ferrari

    juan.ferrari Member

    Same thing here, any help on that. People at mobile company says it has 8GB... but I only can use less than 200 mb for apps...

    Whats that=?
  7. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    All apps are at the moment installed in phone memory and not the 8GB memory card you have there.
  8. Eggos

    Eggos Active Member

    There is a method using Apps2SD that lets you do this. I don't believe there are any useful threads kicking around this forum on the subject relating to the milestone. I know they were having issues with it because of the locked boot loader. I believe I saw the thread on this on XDA discussing progress of it.
  9. juan.ferrari

    juan.ferrari Member

    Whre can i get this app?
    Is it free?
    Is it good?

  10. gemini002

    gemini002 New Member

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