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  1. Matt745

    Matt745 New Member

    My Phone:
    -Samsung Dart
    -SD Card: 2.03GB available out of 3.69GB
    -Internal Storage: Currently at 17.30MB (continues to decrease because of issue below)
    -It's rooted

    The Problem:
    -I have just started developing an android app, and i have been using my phone to test out the app. It seems that whenever i plug in my phone via USB and place the .apk file onto my phone and then eject and unplug it, I lose a valuable 2-4MB of Internal Storage. I rooted my phone a while back and now i have been deleting system programs that i never use. The app that i am developing only takes up a mere 488KB, and even after i uninstall the app the storage remains low. And the reason that the low storage is annoying is because i cannot read any incoming text messages. If there was a way that i could maybe transform my external (SD Card) storage into internal storage and vice versa that may be helpful, but I am not completely sure how to do that. Thanks for your help!

  2. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Hi Matt and welcome to the forums! Great to have you!

    Sorry you're having memory troubles: as I grow older, I know how your phone feels :p

    Hopefully someone with a Dart will be along soon to help you... all I can recommend is to purge old messages with SMSCleaner or a similar app. AND: if you're deleting SYSTEM files, I do hope you made a nandroid backup first! One slip and you have a paperweight: that backup could save you a lot of time and heartache re-flashing stuff.

    Good luck!
  3. Matt745

    Matt745 New Member

    Haha thanks! And i actually replaced the vold.fstab with a new one with different code inside, WHICH i do NOT recommend to anyone UNLESS you know what you're doing. Another mistake i had made was i deleted the stock home screen awhile back, and i also did a factory reset, which messed up my phone because i had no home screen, which REALLY limited what i could do. BUT i did a lot of research, learned about flashing files to the system folder, and i replaced the old vold file with the default, and i also flashed the ADW Launcher .apk file so that i would have a home screen. And after all of the resets and wiping of cache partitions, i actually now have WAY more storage than i used to. Still don't really know how that worked out though lol.

    SO, if you DON'T know what you're doing, i suggest you don't mess with system files. And if you do, google is a big help! If you have trouble just reply to this thread and i'll try to help you out!

    EDIT: My original question about why i was losing storage every time i connected my phone via USB and put files on is still valid. But I will no longer be using USB to connect to my computer. Instead i have been using Dropbox along with ES File Explorer. I HIGHLY recommend Dropbox for your computer, and ES File Explorer for your Android.
  4. t499user

    t499user Active Member

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