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Low Volume When Calling!

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  1. Wizzie86

    Wizzie86 New Member

    I bought the HTC Hero recently, and I got this problem ever since. When I speak with someone on the phone, his or her voice is barely hearable. Litteraly, I have to ask the person on the other side to repeat her or himself 2-3 times before I'm actually able to hear her/him.

    So, long story short: the volume is abnormally low.

    What I've tried: volume control apps. They're all set at maximum volume. Hard-reset.

    Didn't help. Anyone with bright ideas?

  2. nedamdam

    nedamdam Well-Known Member

    Easy fix: Try this.
    In the call dont have it set on maximum and instead of going with the volume up. Go first down (volume down) and then go up.
  3. Wizzie86

    Wizzie86 New Member

    Thanks, but... didn't work. Wonder why you think it would.
  4. nedamdam

    nedamdam Well-Known Member

    Cuz it always does :D . Well you are the first one that says it didnt work :) . Through many roms etc . This is a well known thing.

    Volume going up alone doesnt help. You have to go down and then up (with the volume button in call). Hope someone else will help you then :)
  5. Wizzie86

    Wizzie86 New Member

    I tried it. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Set the "call volume" at 0 (of 5). Then called someone. Used the volumebuttons at the side to increase it, but the person is still barely hearable. Nothing compared to my old Nokia.
  6. nedamdam

    nedamdam Well-Known Member

    I dont think this will make any difference to you. But as I said , go down and then up was meant like. Have it 4/5 or 5/5 in call, still when calling and having it on 4/5 -5/5 go DOWN to 2/5 and then go up to 5/5 .

    Again dont think it will help. But that was how I meant it :)

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