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Magic - QWERTY French keyboardSupport

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  1. badabing

    badabing Well-Known Member


    Just got a HTC Magic last week and I can't find how to get the device in French and keyboard French QWERTY. The only French keyboard is AZERTY and I dont like it...

    So now, I can't use auto-correct since I want a QWERTY keyboard and it's only when I set it to be in English that I can have it.

    Any ideas ??

  2. mambouli

    mambouli New Member

    Yeah I called Rogers about that. They said they would try to fix it with google. Yeah right.
  3. gkatsanos

    gkatsanos New Member


    I live in France but being an english-speaker, and using a QWERTY keyboard user since a very very long time ago, I am wondering if my upcoming HTC Magic phone will have an option for full-english menus+QWERTY keyboard...
    I'm really worried... Can someone confirm if there is one and if so how does it work to change that?

    Can I always just get rid of the default preloaded Cupcake and install mine?
  4. sneeze

    sneeze New Member


    I registered here only to share this info.

    I just bought a HTC Hero and I was in the same situation as you. I speak french so i wanted a french interface but with a QWERTY keyboard because i live in canada.

    What I did is : open whatever application that opens the keyboard. In keyboard, click "setting" which is a gear icon. a popup will open and you'll be in settings. Your keyboard type will be AZERTY. Click "keyboard language" and select "english".

    TADA ! the keyboard type will still show AZERTY but it will actually be QWERTY and for all of your applications.

    Worked for me with HTC Hero : Android 1.5 Alias Cupcake


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