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  1. So I ordered a Micro USB cable with a regular USB port on the other side so I could connect and sync my Samsung Moment with my computer, but all it does is charge it. I was under the impression that as long as it gets connected to the computer somehow it would be able to sync up but the computer doesn't recognize me inserting the phone. Is there such thing as a USB cable that just charges and a USB cable that charges AND syncs? And if so, what is it called? So I can look it up on amazon.com

  2. dntesinfrno

    dntesinfrno Well-Known Member

    Im not sure what you are trying to sync between the phone and the pc but 'most' usb micro cables will allow you to access the sdcard on the phone. I say most because they're are a few that i've used that will not. Make sure usb debugging is off (menu>settings>applications>development) and connect phone to pc. This should place an icon on the notification bar that you can press to mount the sdcard to the usb port. This will allow you to access the sdcard on the phone from the pc as you would a removable drive.
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  3. bohnded

    bohnded Active Member

    You need the driver installed on your computer before it will recognize it and do more than charge the phone. There are links in this forum to the drivers. I believe if you go to the Sprint site you can find them there as well.
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  4. kencrudup

    kencrudup Well-Known Member

    One of the MANY bugs this phone has is unreliable USB connections; it's probably not your cable. It'll work once or twice right after a reboot, then never work 'till you reboot it again.
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  5. jasonamd

    jasonamd Well-Known Member

    You don't need any driver installed to access the sd card. The phone willl be detected as a mass storage device which has drivers built into the os.
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  6. bohnded

    bohnded Active Member

    Not true on all machines.

    Only two out of 5 computers in my house could recognize it without installing drivers.
  7. jasonamd

    jasonamd Well-Known Member

    Windows XP and above have drivers built-in. This is why Sprint/Samsung doesn't ship the phone with any software...it isn't needed. If you have a XP, Vista or 7 computer and it didn't detect the phone without installing drivers, something is wrong with the computer. Any computer with XP or above should have no problem detecting the phone as a mass storage device. Now, to use the phone in debug mode you would need to install drivers....but this isn't needed for just transferring files to/from the sdcard.
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  8. bohnded

    bohnded Active Member

    And you are sure this phone is not being used in debug?
  9. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    Where did you order the microUSB cable from?

    If you ordered a cheapo microUSB cable from eBbay or meritline, etc. expect issues. Quality control is non-existant, and the cables have a high chance of not working properly for data transfer. Charging will be okay, but data transfer requires more exacting specifications and quality.

    I found out the hard way with a mini-USB cable for my blackberry that I got from eBay.
  10. Yea it definitely isn't being used in debug.
  11. I ordered it from Amazon and it cost $0.02 +shipping lol so that might be it...but still, it charges so it should connect the sd card. it's really weird.
  12. I don't know if that's what I need because I had an HTC Hero and it worked fine without drivers, a samsung moment should be the same thing since they have the same OS. I have a Macbook Pro btw.
  13. HeadlessPonch

    HeadlessPonch Well-Known Member

    I picked up a cheap 6' cable from meritline a while back because this 30" cable that comes with the Moment is almost useless length-wise. Of course, the 6' cable interferes with a digital camera connected to my work computer via USB, which I use to take pictures for employee IDs. The Samsung cable works fine, but plug the phone in via the 6' and the camera shuts off, no matter what's plugged in where or what's turned on first. I'm using it at home now since I don't have a camera there. It does work for data and charging, but something's definitely not right.

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