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MID7127 Recovery.img's (Stock, CWM & KTZ)

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  1. the_kwa

    the_kwa Member

    Here are all the Recovery.img's I know of for the MID7127.

    Stock = Coby-Stock.img
    CWM V4 = Coby-CWM-V4.img
    CWM V5 = Coby-CWM-V5.img
    KTZ = Coby-KTZ.rfs

    All these can be tested in Fastboot mode:
    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot boot "Recovery.img"
    All these can be flashed in Fastboot mode:
    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot flash recovery "Recovery.img"
    "Recovery.img" = what ever the name of the .img file is.
    (KTZ Recovery is NOT a .img, it's a .rfs)

    Once you've flashed a new recovery, MAKE A BACKUP, IT WILL SAVE YOUR ASS!

  2. Kiiv

    Kiiv Member


    I've just acquired a mpman 827 aka Coby kyros MID8127 and I wonder if those recoveries should work ont it ?

    Do you know how to boot in recovery without using an application ? Cause if the tablet doesn't boot anymore, it should be great to boot the recovery directly ^^

    And last question, you link the KTZ recovery. Have you already tried one of their ROM ? I'm not afraid to pay for a ROM if it works great, but I can't find a lot of feedback about those ROMs...

    Thanks !
  3. the_kwa

    the_kwa Member

    Hope that helps
  4. Kiiv

    Kiiv Member

    Thanks for your very appreciated answers !

    Yep, I have android sdk up and running, but I wonder if fastboot commands can be used at any time when the tablet is on or if it needs a correct initialisation.
    So if the system doesn't boot anymore, fastboot commands are still working ?
    Cause, if I'm not wrong, on my Desire I have to boot in fastboot mode to run fastboot command :/
  5. the_kwa

    the_kwa Member

    on my 7127, volume up and power boot into fastboot mode
  6. Kiiv

    Kiiv Member

    Hum, I've already tried this combination with no success :/
    Will try again tonight when I'll be at home. I've also read something about need of connecting power supply to enable it... But I don't know if it was for this model.

  7. the_kwa

    the_kwa Member

  8. Kiiv

    Kiiv Member

    Ok, I've tried again last night and "power + vol-" works ! Don' know what I did first time...

    Really nice video, it helps a lot to understand the entire process. Thanks a lot.

    So, serious things begin ^^
  9. Kiiv

    Kiiv Member

    Hi !

    It's me again :)

    Do you know if is it possible to get the last ClockworkMod version to work with our devices ?

    Do we need to compile them from sources for our devices ?
  10. the_kwa

    the_kwa Member

    don't know for sure... i just found all the stuff to get mine working and compiled it all together so others wouldn't need to dig as hard as i did.

    i'm not smart enough to write codes to make this stuff work lol
  11. churd83

    churd83 New Member

    I cant get the stock recovery to work...It will flash using the command fastboot flash Coby-Stock.img, but when i use the command fastboot boot Coby-Stock.img i get this

    root@ubuntu:/home/chad/sdk/platform-tools# fastboot boot Coby-Stock.img
    downloading 'boot.img'...
    OKAY [ 3.211s]
    FAILED (remote: incomplete bootimage)
    finished. total time: 3.215s
  12. MartyFred

    MartyFred New Member

    Trying to get the stock recovery image. I had rooted and disabled some things, and somehow I did a factory reset without thinking, and some things are just gone. (such as, one video i watched said go under "about device" and click on "install from sd" . I no longer have that option under "about device". There are other things also. I am just trying to restore it to stock condition so that I can make a backup and start from scratch. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (btw, the links above for these are not working). Thank you!!
  13. prores

    prores New Member

    Links worked for me. Initially it said Oops! but the download automatically reloaded & it worked just fine. Maybe try a different browser.

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