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Might be a dumb question but where do downloaded files go?

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  1. OctoMom

    OctoMom Well-Known Member

    I went to Google Labs and looked around and found Places Directory. The page shows a barcode and said I could scan that and download the app so that's what I did. My browser opened up and showed that the file was downloaded.

    So I went back to the home screen but couldn't find Places Directory. I decided to manually download and install it from the market and that worked fine.

    My question is, do I now have a downloaded copy of this app that is just sitting somewhere taking up space? I can't figure out where files downloaded by the browser go to, please help.

  2. snosamie6

    snosamie6 Active Member

    I also have wondered that. On the stickied Tricks and Tips thread someone posted the user guide. I downloaded it to my phone, read it for a while, closed it... now I can't find it again. Do I need to download some type of file explorer app?
  3. KoukiFC3S

    KoukiFC3S Well-Known Member

    In the browser, press menu, then more. Select download and you should see a list of downloaded files. Tap on the apk and it should install.

    If you have a file explorer, you can also browse to the downloads folder in the sd card.
  4. OctoMom

    OctoMom Well-Known Member

    Oh crap, I already found that but then I cleared the list instead, didn't even think of tapping the file instead. However, I'm assuming I erased the file which is what I wanted to do now.

  5. Android_Newbie

    Android_Newbie New Member

    Does this mean that when I download something from the browser, the files are stored on the SD Card?
  6. iPhoneMilk

    iPhoneMilk Well-Known Member

    you should get this really great app called Linda File Manager. :D

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