Missing apps problem found but not yet solved...

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  1. Mrniceguy

    Mrniceguy Well-Known Member

    Hello Im not sure if this has been posted but I found what is causing the missing apps from market place...
    DoggCatcher missing from Android Market on Sprint Hero | Home of DoggCatcher the Android Podcatcher

    that is where i found it
    but basically apps that have copy protection (DRM) on them are not showing up in hero and eris phone on latest update
    this has been annoying for myself and many others since we payed for apps and now cannot use them....

    be sure to twitter @htc or give them a jingle @Tel: 425-679-5318 or hell even send them some snail mail @ HTC America
    13920 SE Eastgate Way, Suite 400
    Bellevue, Washington 98005
    and let them know how you feel. (politely naturally) be sure to let them know how little faith you have in spending money on a market where you cant download apps you have already paid for.

    you might wanna let google know as well but i dont have the dev contatc info....

    sorry if this is old news but its new to me

  2. PGR

    PGR Well-Known Member

    I personally feel that your course of action (call HTC and maybe Google too) is bass ackwards. Google is shooting themselves in the foot and they've got the most to loose when it comes to the entire Android concept. This goes well beyond us being able to access Android apps. It could be the beginning of the end of Android if Google doesn't get it's head out of it's butt.

    Google has treated their Android Marketplace like an afterthought or necessary evil from the very beginning and it's not getting any better. Now software developers are abandoning the Android platform in droves. One example was pointed out by Reuters recently when they quoted the Finance Director of Gameloft:

    "We have significantly cut our investment in Android platform, just like ... many others," Gameloft finance director Alexandre de Rochefort said at an investor conference. Rochefort said the company has cut back on investment mostly due to weaknesses of Android's application store. "It is not as neatly done as on the iPhone. Google has not been very good to entice customers to actually buy products. On Android nobody is making significant revenue," Rochefort said.

    This is but one single example of a widespread and growing theme I've seen in the mainstream media and tech forums and it's snowballing quickly. HTC may play a role in this most recent Marketplace debacle but they're basically victims too when it comes to the big picture. I wouldn't be even slightly surprised to learn that HTC is getting little or no cooperation from Google when it comes to solving this mess.

    The bottom line is we definitely need to beat the drums and beat them loudly, but it would be a big mistake not to focus our primary efforts on Google instead of HTC. And among other things, don't ever miss an opportunity to complain about the fact that we can't even browse the Marketplace app library from our desktop computers.

  3. Mrniceguy

    Mrniceguy Well-Known Member

    thank you for the additional knowledge...
    you make a good point so what is our course of action then?

    *edit* i just called htc and they were unaware of the issue and the rep asked me to have anyone experiencing this bug to call in @1866-449-8358
    squeeky wheels get grease...
    lets squeek guys
  4. aptmx

    aptmx Well-Known Member

    HTC response to my inquiry about the marketplace problem:

    "Yes we are aware of this issue and are doing everything we can to get a speedy fix. I will ensure that your feedback will be forwarded to the correct department. For any future concerns or suggestions please feel free to contact us back here at HTC. In order to help us improve our methods of helping you, we would like to invite you to take our Customer Satisfactory Survey at HTC


    HTC Support"
  5. Alcaron

    Alcaron Active Member

    Oh the drama. First, having used an iphone from day 1 until the launch of the hero, I can tell you the event of "holy f'ing crap how could they release an update with a bug like this?" is far from uncommon, and that was FAR from fatal when the ONLY option was one handset.

    Second, EVERYTHING we know indicates an HTC fault and not Googles, so why we'd get more traction going through Google instead of HTC is beyond me. What I CAN see is complaining enough to where we get HTC in "trouble" with Google, which does nobody any good.

    As for gameloft. Good riddance. They are on of those "throw a bunch of crap at the wall and see what sticks" developers. I'm GLAD the android doesn't have 100k apps. It means there isn't 10k fart apps, and 20k vomit sounds apps, and 23k stupid lame ass games.

    I have more apps installed on my android than I did on my iPhone, and I've spent a LOT less, which means for you and I it's GOOD because we can do MORE than the other guys for LESS.

    So good riddance to the app spammers.

    Does this bug suck? Yeah, sure. Is it the end of the world. Not even close. When they fix it people will forget about it in a week, and only the people with heroes will ever know.
  6. PGR

    PGR Well-Known Member

    I don't know who you spoke to, but it's inconceivable that they didn't know about the problem. There are a half-dozen or more contributors in the Sprint Community forum who have reported that they also spoke with HTC when this issue first surfaced. I've also read several other accounts in this and other forums from people who allegedly heard that HTC is saying that it's Google's problem and do you actually think they'd be saying that if it wasn't true?

    Erm... Don't answer that last question. ;)

    And FWIW, I spoke with HTC yesterday and they told me that they were working on the problem but couldn't discuss it beyond that.

    I guess it can't hurt to contact HTC as long as people keep it civil, but we also need to put the heat on Google. I'm not sure whether they have a Customer Service number and my guess is they don't. The only way I know how to contact them is through the Android Marketplace Help Forum which is at: Android Market Help. There are already several threads about this issue there, but maybe a couple-hundred threads will inspire them a little more. :rolleyes:

  7. Mrniceguy

    Mrniceguy Well-Known Member

    ... well i suppose i can look past your borderline attempt at flaming to reach out and say thanks for giving up a way to contact Google...
    FWIW i didn't see any other threads but admittedly i didn't strain myself to look...
    I myself have been contacting various dev;s to ask them to disable copy protection in the mean time
  8. dornier

    dornier Well-Known Member

    I don't care who caused this paid app issue, but if you're reading this, please fix it! Just a tip though, please QA the rest of the phone before releasing a fix that breaks something else!

  9. Mrniceguy

    Mrniceguy Well-Known Member

  10. dornier

    dornier Well-Known Member

    Woke up early this morning (@230am eastern time) and couldn't get back to sleep. So I started playing around with my Sprint Hero when low and behold all of my pay and protected apps showed up under my downloads. I finally went back to sleep and just a little while ago I looked at my downloads and the list of apps is much smaller. Many of my paid and protected free apps are not there again. I wonder if Google is working on this issue or the developers are removing copy protection.

    Either way, this phone is driving me nuts and I'm ready to move on.


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